Dealing With Cancelled Claim

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I registered a claim as a named driver , this claim had been passed to the underwriters as there is a discrepancy on the policy document. The policy has been states that the Policy holder is the registered keeper , however in reality the vehicle is registered as by the named driver - I know this is now a genuine mistake but will probably mean the insurance will get cancelled

The claim is for a collision at a roundabout where i had right of way , a learner driver pulled out in front of me and I swerved just clipping the bumper . We pulled into a local car park and shared details , the learner driver's instructor insists it was my fault ( claiming I was speeding) and I refused to take full blame as I knew the driver should have given way

The damage is not serious to either vechicle , and is likely to be a respray for the third party's vehicle ( nothing more than £500 - I presume ) . I can personally repair my own vehicle.

However my concern is , if my insurance is cancelled due to the incorrect informatnion on policy , who pays for the third party's claim ? I had asked our insurance who say this depends on who's at fault , though if this is the case who and how will the collision be decided by

I am happy to repair our own vehicle myself , as this would cost less than the excess anyway but I am concerned that we could be made liable for the damage of the learner vehicle ( third party )


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    Not automatic cancellation. Depends on whether they would have issued insurance with correct info. The insurance will still cover third party liability as they are still responsible under Road Traffic Act. But the Insurers may come asking the policyholder for any claim pay out, if they consider registered keeper info would void the cover.

    It is the policyholder who should have reported the accident claim to Insurers and you as named driver who confirmed the accident details. insurers will then write asking for info. As your policyholders car is not a write off, the Insurers might not want to see the V5 reg doc, so won't notice the RK is wrong. But at some point the Insurance does need to be corrected.

    The Insurers will each decide who is at fault and argue it out if necessary. They might decide it is a 50/50 accident, so equal fault attached.
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    Thanks for your reply hucks

    I had already sent the V5 to them , along with an explanation why the named driver is the registered keeper ( mother could not afford payments on car ect ) . However at the time of the insurance registration (using a web based form) I had somehow mistaken mother as the registered keeper - So I have given them a perfect excuse to cancel the insurance - in light of this claim

    This is my own fault here I know , I should have registered the car in mum's name , as this costs nothing :(

    Not 100% cancellation yet but I am preparing myself on what to do next , it has been a week today and am tempted to start repairing car myself

    I had been made redundant and mum is retired , so they won't be getting money from us any time soon :)
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