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So basically every time I renew my insurance I never know how long to say I have held a drivers license. :rotfl:

I passed a full test several years back and drove for a few years before I lost my license (It was revoked and I had to take an extended test to get it back)

I couldn't afford to do this for a couple of years but eventually I got my license back and started driving again. The issue is surrounding how many years I have "held" a license for and the problem is that different insurance companies tell me different things and it is very difficult to find out the correct info.

The convictions are now spent so I am not required to mention them but when asked how many years I have held a license can I include the years before I lost it? and if so what do I tell the insurers when they say "you tell us you have had a license for 7 years but you passed your test 9 years ago"

It may also be worth mentioning that on my current license (the new one after I passed the extended test) it still notes the original date of my first test pass in category b / b1 rather than the date of the re-test.

I hope this makes sense and some advice would be great, but links to definitive answers even greater. I don't want to be fraudulent but equally I don't want to pay more than I need to for it.

Cheers in advance


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    I would mention the new licence pass date, as the old licence expired
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    Good question. From what i have always understood this is the date you originally gained a full licence. This is because the Insurers are trying to understand your driving experience to calculate a premium. You then had spent convictions, withdrawal of licence and a retest, for which there is no data field to capture this.

    If your licence cleaned of the spent convictions, showed the original date of licence you could show this on your driving licence, if the Insurers wanted to see it. They could probably work out you had a conviction leading to a ban, if there is also another date showing.

    What convictions ? People can check spent status and requirement to disclose.

    Others on here such as Dacouch are more knowledgeable on this.
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    How long ago were your convictions?
  • The date of the last conviction was Dec '09 and was sentenced May '10 So more than 5 years ago.
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    I wouldn't have thought the additional discount for over 5 years experience was significant, so would play safe and give the most recent pass.
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    The start date is on your licence what does that state ?
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    CHRISSYG The "date of issue" is 2014 after I moved house but the "valid from" date on the back next to the category for cars etc is the original pass date in 2007 when I first passed.
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