Challenge p800 tax underpayment?

Hi all,

I received a p800 from HMRC just before Christmas saying I owe around £620 from the tax year 2013/2014.

I changed jobs a few times in that year, including working two jobs at once, so my "main" tax code got moved around a bit. However, I also let HMRC know about my circumstances.

I was given two rebates totalling around £420 during the course of that tax year. Shouldn't the rebate have been left until the tax year was over to ensure I was definitely entitled to it?

Basically, I'd like to know if I can challenge the underpayment based on the fact that I always told them whenever I changed jobs?

Many thanks for reading and I hope someone can help :)


  • marliepanda
    marliepanda Posts: 7,186 Forumite
    You won't get anywhere. If you underpaid tax, you underpaid tax.

    I am paid on I think a 'week 1 month 1' basis, so if I don't work for a week/2 weeks, I get a rebate at the end. I am sure I could ask to be taken off that? I have no idea. My tax still worked out right at the end.
  • Londonsu
    Londonsu Posts: 1,391 Forumite
    Sorry you have to pay it, I have an underpayment of 63 quid YEP 63 quid from tax year 2013/2014 due to JSA which I claimed in 2013, they informed me about it last year and I have just had notification that my tax code for 2016/2017 has been changed in order for them to get their money (wish they would do the same for the business's that owe millions but that's another issue) AND I got a rebate last April of about 150 quid, but so what I have to pay what I owe and so do you.
  • LadyLondon
    Thanks, I thought as much. :( This is the third time in four years that this has happened and I've never challenged it but am now fed up. Makes me wish I'd just been on job seekers years ago, instead of trying to keep my head above water by doing lots of temp jobs :(
  • marliepanda
    Check the overpayment is correct. I had a p800 overpayment for jobseekers (I applied but was never awarded it, so recieved nothing) and it had 2k of jobseekers. If I had received the JSA during the time I had applied it would have been 1k, but it was entered as 2x 1004.00. That led to an overpayment of £400 (20% of 2k!)

    In fact I hadn't underpaid at all, so double check their figures before you pay.
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