Purchase stuck on registration screen for Barclaycard veritas

I was on line earlier to buy some cinema tickets for tonight. I got through the order process and confirmed my seats and submitted my Barclaycard credit card details when a screen popped up asking me to register for the Barclaycard Veritas secure card service before proceeding. At this point I realised I had meant to use my debit card not my credit card. There was no option to decline the secure card service registration. So I logged out.

I assumed in due course the booking would time out and I could rebook with the right card. That was over an hour ago and the seats I selected are still shown as allocated. However I have not had a confirmation of booking from the cinema either so I assume the secure card registration request is still sitting out there , unanswered, in cyberspace. I cannot reopen that booking.

Anyone got any idea how long it might take to time out?


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