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Advice please on ZZPS

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I received a car parking ticket from Govia Thameslink Railway in October for 'not parked fully within a marked bay / designated area' when parking in my local railway car park. They are correct, however as lots of other cars had done the same, i wasn't blocking anyone, there were no signs saying you must be in a bay and I had paid for a valid ticket which was displayed, I thought I would be ok. I didn't appeal, I just hoped the letters would go away. Now reading these forums I realise I should have appealed. My latest letter from ZZPS tells me I have breached Railway Byelaw 14 and that I am liable to a penalty not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale set out in section 37 of the Criminal Justice Act 1982 which is £1000. They say they are passing my case onto their Solicitors Wright Hassall LLP. I would appreciate any advice on what to do next. Do I sit tight and hope the letters will disappear which has been my strategy so far? Or do I write back? These letters are all registered to my husband. However, it was me who drove and parked the car that day. Many thanks in advance for any advice.


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    Just search this forum for ZZPS and/or Wright Hassall ... lots of info to find, no different answers to give.
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    Read the Sticky thread for NEWBIES, especially post 4. That tells you why it is safe to ignore debt collectors.

    As bod has already said, searching this forum for the two entities in your post will throw up hundreds of posts on the subject.
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    ZZPS are a debt collector - plain and simple. They in turn are acting on behalf of the company that issued the original ticket and Wright Hassall are a solicitor gun for hire. Er, well to be more precise a solicitor who allow ZZPS to use their letterheads, so more like a letterhead for hire.

    So ZZPS, a toothless, blustering debt collector is blustering some more (that really is all they can do - except, like all debt collectors they don't like people to realise that)?

    Neither ZZPS nor Wright Hassall are able to institute proceedings under the Railway Byelaws - regardless of what they threaten. In any event the only person who might be liable under the byelaws is the driver. And guess what? Unless you tell them (ZZPS, Wright Hassall or the original creditor) then how are they going to know who was driving.

    There are many, many railway byelaw threads and there have been very, very few prosecutions. use the search function for this forum and go to Google to see what else you can pull up.

    Oh, and don't worry. Being written to by ZZPS is rather like being mauled by a dead sheep.
    My very sincere apologies for those hoping to request off-board assistance but I am now so inundated with requests that in order to do justice to those "already in the system" I am no longer accepting PM's and am unlikely to do so for the foreseeable future (August 2016). :(

    For those seeking more detailed advice and guidance regarding small claims cases arising from private parking issues I recommend that you visit the Private Parking forum on
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    Byelaw prosecutions must be started within 6 months - ie April.

    Even though this is an empty threat, I think it is worth stalling until then. Every time they write, wait 14 days then write back.
    The keper should write:

    Dear WH,
    Re charge xyz
    The debt is denied. I was not the driver on the day of this event and keeper liability does not apply. Additionally, according to the signage, no contravention occurred. Please refer the debt to the principal.
    I am willing to use ADR to attempt to settle the matter and suggest the Consumer Ombudsman
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    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]What you must understand is that solicitors who act for parking companies are not like normal solictiors who convey houses, deal with divorces etc. and draw up wills. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]In matters of patking on private land, they operate at the very margins of the law and help unscrupulous parking companies gouge money to which they have no entitllement, from innocent, vulnerable and stupid people by lies, misrepresentation, and threats. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]People invariably trust solicitors, but you should nor trust WH. Question every thing they tell you, if they are lying re[port them to the SRA, make life difficult for them.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Treat this company with the respect it deserves. And, if you think that they have behaved in a manner which brings the profession into disrepute, report them to their regulators.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif][/FONT]
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