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I recently purchased some flights online using my cc. I queried a detail afterwards with the flight broker and was told that I would indeed have to make a change and that the change would cost £50. As I had booked within a short time frame they would void the ticket and waive the charge providing I rebooked on their website providing the correct details. As I had maxed out my cc I rebooked using a debit card.

I rang the company again and they said my original ticket had been voided and they would authorise a refund. I asked how long it would take for the money to be refunded? They said it should be 48-72 hours.

We have just elapsed the 72 hours and still no sign of the refund appearing on my cc online statement.

Should I be worried?

The new ticket is genuine because I have been on the airlines website and my booking details are present. I tried to access my 'old ticket' to see if it had indeed been 'voided.' As I can't access those details I'm pretty sure that it has.

I have a funny feeling about this because the refund hasn't appeared and as of yesterday my cc company had no knowledge of the amount being refunded. It's also a cheap flight broker. Some reviews of the company have been v good others haven't. So far evrything seems legit apart from my refund not appearing.

Where do I stand legally on this? Is it covered by section 75?

Hopefully by Monday morning it will appear but if it doesn't what are my options (informed advice please)?

What sort of time frame is reasonable for the money to be refunded and appear? If I do go down the route of section 75 again what sort of time frame are we looking at?

Thanks for all 'informed' advice in advance. Hopefully it all gets sorted without hassle but if it doesn't, then its good to know the route to go.


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