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Morning all

Hoping someone can help as I'm at the end of my tether with BT on this one!

I recently converted the garage into an office for a new business that I have set up and wanted to get a dedicated business line straight in.

I'll try and keep the next bit as brief as possible.

1. Received a call from an engineer pre the booked appointment to confirm the job was for a new line and how far from the house the new building was....once the questions were answered he confirmed the appointment would go ahead between 8am-1pm

2. Nobody arrived as agreed for 1st appointment so rang BT and they confirmed the appointment had been cancelled due to them needing some questions answering.....the same questions as above!

3. 2nd appointment was made and the engineer arrived but advised he needed to do some work on the exchange so couldn't even start the job and didn't actually need me to be there!

4. 3rd appointment made and when arrived said he couldn't do the job as work needed to be done on the exchange......this was a Friday afternoon and when I told him that this was already done he made up a number of other excuses.

5. 4th appointment - job completed!

I wasted 4 days off work due to the incompetence of BT not to mention I would estimate over 3 hours on the phone to customer services trying to get this resolved which cost me valuable time that should have been spent working on my new venture.

I was given a dedicated number to text if I needed to speak to my advisor and they would call back......never got a call.

I eventually spoke to an advisors manager (though your never sure are you) who offered me a compensation figure that was an insult to say the least and I asked to are the complaint further. I was to,d I would get a form in the post to fill in.......that was 4 weeks ago.

Rang customer services, spoke to BT Business via Twitter and also chatted to BT online and still getting nowhere.......

Do I have any other course of action I can take or anyway of contacting BT in the UK rather than abroad?

It's becoming a matter of principle now

Sorry for going on but if anyone could offer any advice I would appreciate it




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