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after recently moving i am unsure as to who i should go with for broadband and internet.
i have looked around at different offers and compared prices from different places but am wondering if anyone can give me advice on the matter.
for example i would like to know if any let you down regularly or vice versa.
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  • BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Ambassador
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    go with PlusNet , good reviews on here and elsewhere
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    Only big negative for me is Talk Talk .
    Positive for Plusnet and muted positive for BT .
    Muted as that complaints you need to keep on top of your bills and charges .
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    Broadband is exchange specific, so what are your LLU options? Usually Sky and TT. Non LLU-VM, Plusnet and BT are the main choices.
    My personal picks would be Sky and PN respectively.
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  • RatAtAtRatAtAt Forumite
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    I have used PlusNet very happily for at least 8 years.

    The one time I had a problem they immediately sent me the latest version of router, which solved the problem.

    Please see the Private Message I have sent you :)
  • zoothornrollo_2zoothornrollo_2 Forumite
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    I switched from Tesco (when my 18-month intro rate expired) to SSE about a year ago - paying c.£16 a month (free calls evenings and weekends) and it's great - no probs whatsoever.
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    A huge recommendation for Demon. Their home broadband is now sold under the 'Vodaphone' banner as Vodaphone purchased them back in 2013.

    I left Demon as they didn't offer (at the time) a BB + phone package.

    Am currently with Plusnet and the BB is the worst for buffering I have ever had.
    With Demon, paid for an 8mb service and got the full whack (as proven by the 'samknows' box that is attached to my network).

    With Plusnet, I pay for an 'upto 17Mb' service but have seen speeds as low as 1.2Mb/sec. My average is just 11mb/sec.

    Am seriously considering switching.
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