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Business Broadband/Line & Voip confusion!

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Business Broadband/Line & Voip confusion!

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I am hoping someone may be able to direct me as I have confused myself perhaps having a bottle of wine doesn't help matters!

I am a small business, currently with BT. The set up I have a landline, broadband and fax line via the broadband (voip line). I am more than likely paying over the odds for this.I am paying almost £42 for broadband alone. £38 for the phone line and £12 for the fax line. This is all per month!!!

I was looking at this VOIP for the phone and fax but I just don't fully understand how this all works! is this really cost effective and good? I know i will still need the phone line and broadband but I am thinking of changing providers so its cheaper.

is there anyone that can offer some advice and assistance or direct me to what or who i should contact!

Many thanks in advance :-)


  • Neil_JonesNeil_Jones Forumite
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    VOIP is the same technology as SkyPE.

    VOIP for fax basically boils down to SkyPE with Fax, if you like using what's called the T38 protocol. In a nutshell you send a fax, it converts it to an image, sends it to another T38 capable device that recoverts it back into a format the destination fax machine can print out.

    Depending on how many faxes you send/receive will determine whether it's worth shelling out for. Moving the phone line and broadband will almost certainly be cheaper that staying with BT.
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