Post Office Broadband + Calls

I followed MSE link to the post office website.
When trying to get the deal (which is still active), it asks for previous address history. Once you input that and try to move to the next page, it flags up error: enter address/ address field blank.
You put in the same details, over and over and over again. Same error!
The input fields are not saving data!
I have tried going in directly, through quidco, through asking friends on different pc/ tablets = same result. Now tried over 50 times with different users
Have rung Post Office directly and told them of the fault - they seem uninterested that their website will be generating no new business as a result of a fault, or that fact that 30mins on hold trying to report it gets nowhere.

*sigh* guess we won't be getting that deal after all!
Quidco is offering £50 cashback, can't get that either, due to not being able to get past the 'previous address history' page to complete an order! Looks like we'll be going with a different provider, as Post Office call centre won't offer the same deal by phone. You would have thought they'd be pleased to know there is a fault which is stopping online orders from completing. Apparently not.
Its all down to their web developer. They don't know who that is. But it's their fault.
Wonder who they'll blame when PO goes bust?

Hoping you can let others know


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