BB, ipad sim, mobile- moving house

Have just moved house. Plusnet wanted to charge £115 for the cost of moving, or alternatively increase the monthly charge and sign me up for another 18/24 months "free" ( ie not charge house move costs - they must think I'm daft!).

I'm not over keen on staying with them , service sporadic - but I have 6monyhs left of my contract. It costs £80 to cancel my service, which I sm seriously thinking of doing to cut my costs, waiting for a very good deal to come up with cashback etc

I have an iPad mini, so am wondering about upping my sim deal on this for more extensive use of it (currently pay £8 pm for use when I'm out and about, away at weekends for training purposes etc).

Can you use the iPad mini as a hotspot for a laptop? I use laptop for some things like banking, occassional films .... Nothing major...

So- guess I'm trying to reduce/ review / consolidate the costs that I spend on all this internet paraphernalia each month. I have an iPhone 4s also, so I don't really need landline for the phone, I get sufficient minutes on phone for most needs.

Hope this makes sense ... I find trying to sort it all out a mind boggling nightmare

Thanks for your time folks - and happy Xmas/ holidays


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    A home move is normally FOC but starts you on a new minimum term contract-are you sure the charge isn't for a new line provision or reconnection?
    Whether you can tether will depend on your current provider and contract.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
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