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Yesterday was six years since I took myself down to the courts to declare BK.

Six and a bit years ago I was in one hell of a hole - not a huge debt, on a low income working for a charity, and not of my own doing - but with the support of some great people on here I firstly took full responsibility and accountability to the situation I found myself in I managed to change my life around.

I had initially entered into a repayment scheme, I had the help of a great lawyer who all along suggested BK, as I wasn't even able to feed myself a couple of days after pay day.

With two weeks of finding this site - I had sorted out all my paperwork, booked the date and went through the BR - I managed the all process on my own, with the advice of people on this site.

The most challenging aspect in the first couple of years was getting my creditors to update my credit records - but again thanks to the advice on this site I finally managed it.

Yesterday my '6 years were up' - I checked Equifax and Experian this morning - and all my credit records and BK public record have been removed - I certainly have a spring in my heel today I can tell you.

And from taking that decision 6 years ago it has certainly changed my life - I continued to graft hard and now have a great, well paid job and money saved up for a house deposit. I have no debt as we pay for everything in within in our means - and I now have a cracking four year old boy who I can really enjoy life with.

So - thank you to this site, thank for all the great support and advice and good luck to all in the future


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