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The Alphabetty Happy Chatty thread

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    Thanks Alfie, especially for the links which I'll copy. Didn't know about the midge flies ...
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    Good morning all!

    Tired and exhausted from Not Sleeping here. :p
    I suppose Not Sleeping is the neighbouring village to Great Snoring! :rotfl:

    See you all later. :)
    Have a safe day.
  • AlfieBlueAlfieBlue Forumite
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    Part 1 of 2


    :hello: Good morning lovely people
    I hope you're all in fine fettle on this glorious Monday! soleilcoeur.gif

    Hellooeee Sleazy :wave:

    Sleazy wrote: »
    Good morning all!

    Tired and exhausted from Not Sleeping here. :p
    I suppose Not Sleeping is the neighbouring village to Great Snoring! :rotfl:

    See you all later. :)
    Have a safe day.


    Not only is there a village called Great Snoring .....


    Great Snoring (archaic English: Snoring Magna) is a rural village in
    North Norfolk by the River Stiffkey, in the east of England. It is
    situated approximately 25 miles (40 km) north-west from the city
    and county town of Norwich, and 2 miles (3 km) north from the
    larger village of Little Snoring.

    we also have ...


    Really love the quirky names! fatigue.gif :rotfl::rotfl:

    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    World Bee Day | 20 May

    The importance of celebrating World Bee Day

    Observing World Bee Day on 20 May each year will draw attention
    to the essential role bees and other pollinators play in keeping
    people and the planet healthy. It provides an opportunity for
    governments, organizations, civil society and concerned citizens
    everywhere to promote actions that will protect and enhance
    pollinators and their habitats, improve their abundance and
    diversity, and support the sustainable development of beekeeping.

    The date for this observance was chosen as it was the day Anton
    Janša, a pioneer of modern apiculture, was born. Janša came from
    a family of beekeepers in Slovenia, where beekeeping is an
    important agricultural activity with a long-standing tradition.

    The proposal set forth by the Republic of Slovenia, with the
    support of Apimondia, the International Federation of Beekeepers’
    Associations and FAO, to celebrate World Bee Day on 20 May each
    year met with approval by the United Nations General Assembly in

    World Bee Day intends to shine a light on the habitat of pollinators
    to improve the conditions for their survival so that bees and other
    pollinators may thrive..... [Cont'd] >>


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    If you’ve been residing under a rock or in ‘Game of Thrones’ exile
    for the past month, you might have missed that fact that London
    has been the focal point for the fight against climate change
    thanks to the Extinction Rebellion protesters. And those green,
    environment-loving vibes are set to continue into the summer.
    Brent Council is getting ready to plant seven miles of wildflowers
    to help London’s dwindling bee population.

    A recent study has shown that more than 97 percent of the UK’s
    wildflower meadows have disappeared since World War II. To
    counter the effects of this floral decline, Brent Council in north
    London is sowing 22 wildflower meadows in the borough’s parks
    and open spaces.

    The council is ploughing plots that have been picked as meadow
    areas and, once the ground is ready, seeds including ragged robin,
    cowslip and common poppy are to be sown to encourage more
    visits from pollinating insects (and brighten up the place nicely,
    too.) [Cont'd] >>


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    Grow a wildflower meadow, and create a lively feeding and nesting
    ground for insects, birds and small animals.

    The majestic flowers and grasses, bursting with colour, will be an
    attractive feature in your garden.

    Our countryside was once full of meadows bursting with a
    gorgeous variety of flowering plants, supporting butterflies,
    insects, farmland birds and other wildlife.

    But since the 1930s, we have lost over 99% of what are called
    'unimproved grasslands', and those that are left are fragmented.
    However, you can create something of the same feel in your own

    Preparing the ground and removing the weeds may take several
    weeks, and you can do this at any time of year. But autumn is the
    best month for sowing your seeds..... [Cont'd] >>


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    British Sandwich Week is a week-long celebration of the greatest
    food to go and quite possibly the most iconic British culinary
    invention, the Sandwich.

    The humble sandwich is celebrated in all it’s glory during British
    Sandwich Week and year on year the buzz around the week seems
    to grow with more and more companies using the week to
    promote their business.#BritishSandwichWeek trends across
    twitter during the week and newspapers, magazines, TV shows
    and radio programmes join in celebrating what is a staple British

    Sandwich manufacturers and retailers across the UK all have their
    own way of celebrating this fantastic food, many offering special
    promotions and new ranges during British Sandwich Week.
    Several will also be building on their charitable links by donating
    some of their proceeds or even having buy-one-donate-one
    initiatives for customers to take part in.

    On the theme of celebrating, the sandwich industry also holds it’s
    annual Awards, the Sammies, where the Best New Sandwich,
    Sandwich Retailer of the Year and many more are crowned.
    Like the Oscars, we recognise that there’s so much that goes on
    behind the scenes and have Technical awards, Marketing and so

    • Visit the Sammies Awards Website

    We hope to engage with members again for British Sandwich Week
    2019 and continue to promote the sandwich. The dates for British
    Sandwich Week 2019 are 19th-26th May so don’t miss out on the
    action. #BritishSandwichWeek #Sammies19 #sandwiches


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    All it takes is a conversation to see we’re still us

    A child sees the person for who they are. This Dementia Action
    Week, watch what happens when kids interview people with

    Get involved, share the film today.

    You’ll help challenge misconceptions and show that people with
    dementia are still themselves, all you need to do is ask.

    Alzheimer’s Society’s research shows that many people are worried
    about ‘saying the wrong thing’ to people living with dementia. And
    despite almost all of us knowing someone affected, two-thirds of
    people living with dementia report feeling isolated and lonely.

    That’s why this Dementia Action Week, we’re encouraging
    everyone to take action by starting a conversation with someone
    living with dementia they know; whether it’s calling a relative with
    dementia or visiting a neighbour, it’s time to start talking.

    We understand that it can be difficult to know what to say. But
    we’ve teamed up with people affected by dementia to give you the
    best tips for getting a conversation started:

    ‘Talk to me, smile, be a little patient and give me time to reply.’

    'A simple ‘hello’, ask about the weather, anything that you feel
    comfortable with.’

    'Just be yourself and yes, we will make mistakes but it’s ok to
    laugh along with us.’

    'I love it when people ask me questions. It gives me an
    opportunity to show that people with dementia exist, that we can
    still contribute to things going on around us and that life goes on.
    It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like me again'

    'Just don’t ask if I remember.’

    'Don’t be afraid. All it takes is a conversation to see we’re still us.’

    If you’re still unsure on how to get the conversation started, we’re
    here to help you. Read our Ask Us Anything booklet for more tips
    and advice. You don’t have to be nervous saying the wrong thing
    either. We’ve got tips on what not to say to someone with
    dementia on our blog.

    Even in the later stages of dementia when having a conversation
    might become difficult, keeping in touch means a lot. Seeing
    friends and loved ones brings feelings of happiness and comfort,
    and the ‘emotional memory’ remains with people living with
    dementia long after the memory of the visit may have gone.


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    Noise Action Week 20-25 May, 2019

    Noise Action Week is coordintated every year by Environmental
    Protection UK. The week is an opportunity to raise awareness of
    the cost of noise to the health and well being of communities and

    Noise Action Week provides a focus for raising the profile of
    unhealthy noise.

    Why is it important to raise awareness of noise reduction?

    Noise can disturb us at home, study, work and leisure

    We all have the capacity to make noise that disturbs others

    Investigating noise complaints costs councils £130 – £7k per

    Noise harms our health – the Chief Medical Officer likened it to
    junk food – while we might enjoy some loud sound – repeated
    exposure will harm our health.

    Noise disrupts our natural environment – disturbing wildlife

    Who can help with noise?

    We all can – by being more considerate when carrying out noisy

    Local councils – are required to investigate noise problems by law

    Housing providers

    Mediation services

    To keep in touch with our work on noise sign up to our mailing list
    by contacting: [email protected]

    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    Research shows that loud sound can have a significant impact on
    human health, as well as doing devastating damage to ecosystems.
    It is crucial that more members of the public be aware of the modern
    sound-related health threats that extend far beyond music.⁣


    #QuietMark #QuietRevolution #noisenews #hearingdamage
    #deafness #publicawareness #loud #loudsounds #publichealth
    #personalhealth #noisepollution #ecosystem #noisereduction
    #turnitdown #nonprofit #nonprofits #NoiseAbatementSociety

    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:



    At Living Streets, we've created the greatest national Walk to
    School celebration where pupils and grown-ups around the UK
    unite for one week of walking to school.

    Each year we develop a new five-day walking challenge aimed at
    primary schools - the perfect activity to take part in during Walk to
    School Week.

    This year, to celebrate our 90th anniversary, the challenge will get
    to the heart of walking and how it can benefit the whole
    community as well as improve individual wellbeing.

    JOIN US 20-24 MAY 2019



    This year is Living Streets' 90th anniversary, and with this special
    occasion, we've picked a theme that is very close to our heart and
    cause. We will take pupils on a special walking journey re-tracing
    the steps of our greatest achievements over the course of the last
    90 years.


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    British Tomato Fortnight

    It’s British Tomato Fortnight from 20th May – 2 June 2019 a time
    to celebrate all that is glorious about our wonderful British
    tomatoes, fresh, tasty and healthy containing vitamins, minerals,
    flavonoids, and natural pigments, making a delicious natural snack
    which not only tastes great, but is also good for you!

    British tomato crops are grown in glasshouses, protected from the
    cold and able to soak up the sunshine and as British growers
    supply the ‘local market’ that means the tomatoes stay on the
    plant for longer, develop the best flavour and are as fresh as they
    can be. British tomato growers use natural means of pest and
    disease control as well as employing some two million bumblebees
    a year to pollinate their tomato crops.

    Starting back in 2004 (when it was then British Tomato Week) the
    BTGA has been involved in a multitude of events from space
    hopper races outside the Palace of Westminster, as well as serving
    fresh British tomatoes to the MPs inside the House of Commons;
    Cordon Bleu cookery schools; sponsored runs dressed as a
    tomato; in-store tastings and competitions; nursery visits;
    numerous radio interviews and always producing exciting new
    recipes which are available on our website. This year we have
    gone a step further and created four stop motion recipe videos
    illustrating some quick and easy tomato meals (scroll down to see
    them all).

    So why buy British?

    Buying British isn’t just about supporting local growers it also
    means you are buying the freshest and tastiest tomatoes available
    and it’s good to know that when you buy something from your
    supermarket or greengrocer you are getting exactly what you
    want. We don’t want you to buy them just because they are British
    but because, like us, you think they are the best.

    Top tip: never put your tomatoes in the fridge


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    Swim a Memory Mile

    Event Type: Swimming in memory of a loved one

    Date: All year round

    Location: Your favourite swimming spot


    Unite against dementia by swimming a memory mile!

    Sign up to swim a mile, you can swim it all in one go or over
    weeks or months. Pick your favourite place to swim, your local
    pool, the sea, a lake, a river, the bath (well, maybe not in the

    It’ll be tough but whether you do the doggy paddle or the
    butterfly, we know you are up to the challenge.

    However and wherever you choose to swim every penny you raise
    will help us support more people affected by dementia and get us
    closer to a cure.

    Plus if you raise over £100 you’ll get a stylish swimming hat!

    Simply sign up to get your free fundraising pack to get
    started.... [Cont'd] >>


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    Gloworm Festival Needs You?


    How do you fancy being in the Gloworm Crew? We're looking for
    more people to join our brilliant bunch of volunteers!

    Volunteers will gain free access to the festival for themselves and
    their family. You'll be able to camp, get fed and watered while you
    work and have lots and lots of fun! All YOU need to do it work one
    of the two days over the weekend!

    Our volunteers come back year after year, and it's fast becoming
    one great big happy family!

    If you think you have what it takes to be a true Glowormer, then
    please email [email protected]

    All applicants will be contacted week commencing June 3rd.


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:



    Mind Hike: Dawn to Dusk

    Join us for this fantastic 12 hour trekking challenge in the Scottish
    Highlands. This hike will test every ounce of you, both physically
    and mentally, while engaging in an event that requires genuine
    teamwork to achieve your goal.

    When: 11 October 2019
    Until: 12 October 2019
    Registration deadline: 02 August 2019

    About the event

    Starting at the crack of dawn, you and your teammates will hike
    for 12 hours through the spectacular Scottish Highlands. With a
    varied terrain involving long distances and plenty of ups and
    downs, you'll need to set yourself a goal to get fit and build up
    stamina and you'll be rewarded with incredible views from sunrise
    to sunset, not to mention your well-deserved celebration dinner!

    This is an extreme challenge that will require preparation and
    dedication and we guarantee you will create memories that will
    stay with you for a lifetime.

    How we'll support you

    Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a first-timer, Mind will be
    with you every step of the way. We will do all that we can to
    ensure that your Mind Hike experience is one you will never
    forget.... [Cont'd] >>


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:

    Cont'd ...
  • AlfieBlueAlfieBlue Forumite
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    Part 2 of 2


    We're looking for volunteers to join us at the awesome rock
    festival, Download!

    Taking place in Derbyshire's Donington Park, you could see the
    likes of Tool, Slipknot, Slayer and more whilst helping us reduce
    plastic pollution at our Deposit Return Scheme points.

    If you're available to volunteer from 13th - 16th June we'd love to
    hear from you! Fill in this form and email
    any q's to [email protected]

    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    London Bridges Challenge 2019

    Sun 29 September 2019

    Join us and 5,000 fellow London Bridgers on 29 September as,
    united, we walk to change our future across 10 miles and 12 iconic

    Bring family and friends together for a special day

    See the best sights in our capital

    Support someone you love affected by diabetes

    Stand beside thousands of others living with the condition

    Make walking a lifestyle and challenge yourself to complete 10

    Registration info

    Registration fee: £5

    Children under 18 walk for free

    You must be 18 or over to register, children are very welcome to
    join in with a parent or guardian but can't formally register

    There's no minimum sponsorship, but if we all aim for £120 we can
    make a huge difference

    Event details:

    Sunday 29 September 2019

    A 10 mile walk starting in Battersea Park and finishing in Potters
    Fields Park

    What will you get?

    A welcome pack and support from our London Bridges Challenge

    2019 London Bridges Challenge T-shirt

    On the day guide

    Refreshments and snacks on the day

    A medal

    The official title of 'Diabetes UK London Bridger'

    The London Bridges Challenge starts in the picturesque Battersea
    Park and finishes in Potters Fields Park, overlooking the famous
    Tower Bridge.

    You'll walk 10 miles, cross 12 of London's finest bridges and join
    the fight for a world where diabetes can do no harm.... [Cont'd] >>


    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    For someone with blood cancer, one phone call can change their
    life. One phone call about one matching stranger can give them a
    future - the stem cell transplant that can cure their blood cancer.

    Anthony Nolan is the charity that finds matching donors for people
    with blood cancer – and gives them a second chance of life.

    We’re saving lives right now. Three lives a day, in fact. But we
    can’t do it without your support.

    Without you, there is no cure.



    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:


    What termites can teach architects

    By Carolyn Fry


    Termite mounds are proving to be an innovative source of
    inspiration to architects - could we benefit from using biomimicry
    to solve complex human challenges?

    If there’s one thing Mother Nature’s good at, it’s being efficient.

    Take a termite mound, for example.

    These conical mud towers that punctuate the parched red
    landscapes of the tropics are built by termites harvesting mud
    from below the ground, mixing it with saliva and extruding it. Each
    mound is the result of hundreds of insects making individual
    decisions on when and where to place these gobbets of ‘cement’,
    guided by climatic, environmental and social conditions. The
    constant war fought between competing termites for precious mud
    resources and desirable locations, and the repeated recycling of
    materials by weathering, results in an efficient and sustainable
    building. This finished termite ‘tower block’ is far larger a
    construction than an individual insect could build, and can house a
    vast colony of termites.

    If we are to truly take a leaf out of Mother Nature's book, we must
    mimic nature's processes.... [Cont'd] >>

    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:

    18th May, 1964...two tribes went to war in Brighton. Thousands of
    Mods (riding Vespa scooters and sporting neat suits and parkas)
    and Rockers (long-haired bikers clad in leathers) converged on this
    seaside town and a pitched battle broke out. Weapons of choice
    were flick-knives for the Mods and bicycle chains for the Rockers,
    as well as deckchairs, bottles and stones. Police arrested hundreds
    of teenagers, many of whom were fined and some even received
    short prison sentences.

    Over the same weekend, similar fights also broke out in several
    other seaside towns in the south of England. This tribal rioting was
    recreated in the 1979 film 'Quadrophenia'.


    The Great British Seaside Holiday

    by Ellen Castelow

    The great British seaside holiday came into its heyday in the post
    war years, the 1950s and 1960s. Now affordable to many through
    paid annual leave (thanks to the Holiday Pay Act 1938), the
    destinations of choice depended largely on where you lived. For
    example in the north, those from the mill towns, Manchester,
    Liverpool or Glasgow would most likely go to Blackpool or
    Morecambe: those from Leeds would head for Scarborough or
    Filey. Londoners might choose Brighton or Margate.


    If you were heading some distance for your holiday, for example
    driving to the popular resorts of Torbay or the West Country, it
    would take a full day to travel there as there were no motorways
    in the early post war years. The first stretch of motorway in the UK
    to be opened was the Preston Bypass in 1958: not much use if you
    were heading to Cornwall or Devon! [Cont'd] >>

    :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod: :starmod:

    and last but not least ....

    Today in 1609...Shakespeare's Sonnets are first published
    in London.

    “Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
    Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
    And summer's lease hath all too short a date:..."


    Have a great day all, take care.

    Alfie xxx happyflower.gif
  • colinwcolinw Forumite
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    AlfieBlue wrote: »
    Part 1 of 2


    :hello: Good morning lovely people
    I hope you're all in fine fettle on this glorious Monday! soleilcoeur.gif

    Hellooeee Sleazy :wave:


    Good Morning Alfie...hope you are well :wave:

    Not sure about the Good......with it being Monday and all that :eek:


    The Sun is shining though :beer:
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  • AlfieBlueAlfieBlue Forumite
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    colinw wrote: »
    Good Morning Alfie...hope you are well :wave:

    Not sure about the Good......with it being Monday and all that :eek:


    The Sun is shining though :beer:

    :hello: Hi Colin,

    I'm very well, thank you. :) I hope you're ok too, despite it
    being a Monday. :p:D

    But yay! :j I do believe we have a Spring bank holiday due
    soon! :beer: :dance: _party_



    :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin :staradmin


    Are you #seizuresavvy?

    Epilepsy can happen to anyone. Would you know what to do if you
    saw someone having a seizure? For National Epilepsy Week (20-26
    May 2019) we are launching a new campaign aimed at giving
    people the basic tools of seizure first aid that could help save a


    The campaign is focusing on tonic clonic seizures as these are the
    type of seizure that are most easily recognised. The charity’s new
    campaign gives people three simple but key instructions to
    remember in an emergency: “Calm, Cushion, Call.” [Cont'd] >>


    Alfie xxx happyflower.gif
  • Obstacle a tie and wear it! It is that basic, in spite of the fact that tying a necktie isn't! Numerous bits of attire can be combined with the thrived bow, and presumably the most prominent look is the catch into shirt. Of course, it might look somewhat dated, however the works of art never beyond words… neckties have been worn by individuals hoping to establish better connections since the seventeenth century.
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