Savings plus paying off mortgage.

We are planning to buy a house (renting at moment) in two years time, with about a 40% LTV. We aim to buy a property in the region of £300,000.

Our income is fairly high, although it is irratic, but we will be able to overpay on, say, a 25 year mortgage. I would love to pay off the mortgage in 8-10 years of buying the property.

We are currently squirrelling away about £2000 a month to ensure we reach our 40% target (already have some saving).

Any advice on where we should put the £2000, and also do all mortgages allow you to pay them off early?

Having been in a massive amount of debt previously (no adverse credit or bad marks though) we now live very sensibly, and I feel very uncomfortable looking at the interest on a mortgage loan, so the quicker we can get through it the better.

If we achieve the above, we should be mortgage free by aged 50 ish.

Thank you.
Never again will the wolf get so close to my door :eek:
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