Should I be on tax credits this year? I worked last year but not so far this tax year

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So far this tax year I haven't worked (no work since jan 2015). I left my job at the end of the year to start the government funded maternity allowance as I did not meet requirements for SMP. Prior to that date I worked and earned minimum wage. In april this year our baby was born and so we started to claim child tax credits. Because I haven't worked so far this tax year I think I put on my tax credits claim form that I currently don't work. From what I've been reading I should have also been paid working tax credits because if you are on SMP or maternity allowance you still get tax credits.

The thing is, the tax credits claim website says that you must use the information from the previous tax year. I was working last tax year, so does that mean I should have actually received working tax credits since april 2015 even though I haven't worked so far since january 2015. Have I missed out on receiving working tax credit payments that I should have had so far this year?

Also, I have a new job and start work tomorrow. It's full time but the salary is within the working tax bracket range and I can expect to earn only around £6000 between the job start date (october 26th) and april 2016 (end of this tax year) That means my income for this year will only be around £6000. Should I contact the tax credits helpline and make a claim for working tax credits?

Thanks to anyone who can offer advice.


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    You say "we" started claiming. Does that mean you have a partner?

    It's not possible to say whether you would be entitled to tax credits or not without knowing more about your circumstances.

    So are you single? Or living with a partner?
    How many hours did you work prior to maternity allowance?
    If a partner, how many hours do they work?
    What was your total household income for 2014/15 (last year)
    What would you estimated your total household income for 2015/16 (this year) excluding maternity allowance?

    With my partner, who was not employed last year or this year, with 0 taxable income.

    Full time 40 hours

    Partner did not work

    Total income 2014-2015 = £7000 roughly (was from april till august and then missed 1 month and worked again from september till december) I went onto MA straight from work at end of december.

    Estimated 2015 - 2016 = £6000 excluding MA (the £6000 will be from my job that starts tomorrow)
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    Did you not work for the full time April 2014 to Jan 2015?

    Based on that information then yes you would have been entitled to WTC if you had put the work details on the claim form for 39 weeks from the date your maternity leave started. It does advice that you do this in the claim form notes.

    If you call them tomorrow with your new work details then you can claim from tomorrow onwards.

    No, i realised it was about £7000 i earned during that time but that shouldn't make any difference. I stopped work for 1 month in august.
  • sinny00
    That's why i'm confused about. I'm sure we did put details of last years work on the tax credit form.
  • sinny00
    Would we have missed out on tax credits from january this year? MA began in late dec/early jan.
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