Online company won't or can't refund me!

I'm not entirely sure what my rights are (if I have any) in this situation. I bought something online last month. It didn't fit (website sells specifically fitted items so returns would be common) so I returned it the next day via special delivery, due to arrive on the 1st of August. I checked the tracking number a few days later and the item was still at the sorting office after a failed delivery attempt. Eventually it was picked up just under a week after the original delivery attempt. I tried to make contact via telephone (no answer) and email (no reply) meanwhile the money was not refunded to my credit card. Eventually I got someone on the phone 1.5 weeks ago who was extremely vague and did not acknowlege receipt of the returned item. He said their banking system was down and the IT person was on holiday for 2 weeks so there was nothing he could do. I phoned again yesterday and I got a crazy story about the IT person being who knows where and possibly diverting funds from the company into his account. Couldn't really make out what he was saying - but this was the general idea. He said he would 'try' to refund me this week by cash.

I've contacted my CC company who are sending a form that I need to fill to see if they can get the money back (I guess!?). I informed the online retailer that I was doing this and he replied by saying he felt that was "unnecessary" because he had verbally promised to get me my money "somehow" by the end of the week. I'm not exactly brimming with confidence! And the item was worth £100 which is now coming due on my CC so I'd like to be refunded.

I'm not sure what the CC company will do or what my rights are in this situation. I have proof of the return being received by special delivery and a print out of my original order confirmation. They would have the delivery note which also formed my returns form.

Thanks if you have any advice.


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    Was the item personalised to you? If so then the company doesn't have to legally give you a refund.

    If not I suggest you write a letter to the company threatening to take further action if they don't refund you in 14 days (use recorded delivery).

    After 14 days:
    1. If the item was over £50 contact your credit card company and demand a refund.
    2. Contact Trading Standards for the area where the company is located and report them. You can do it by email

    If your credit card company refuses to give you a refund follow the credit card company's complaints procedure in writing (using recorded delivery for the first letter), send them a photocopy of the special delivery receipt and proof the package was picked up, and inform them that you will take them to the financial ombudsman if they don't refund the £100.

    In the meantime you have to pay the full £100 of your credit card as they are not liable for any interest on the card.
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