Taking family to Edinburgh this summer - reasonable hotels?

in Scotland
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  • I also live in Edinburgh and wouldn't often choose to travel to the city centre by car - buses are generally very good though and you will find that its a very walkable city as far as many of the tourist areas are concerned.

    If you are staying in centre of town you could always avoid the car parking charges by leaving it just outside the controlled zone eg Marchmont or just off the top of Leith Walk. I have to say though that there is plently competition for free parking around these places.

    Bus fares are 50 or is it 60p for children per journey and for most of the places you would go, around 80p to £1 for adults (not so sure of exact prices as I drive or cycle to work (not in city centre) but I am certain of day ticket prices as they were recently revised to £2.30 per person per day for unlimited journeys.

    If you are in Edinburgh over a weekend you will find you are allowed to park in more places on a Sunday for free but again, certain streets still have active restrictions.

    Don't even consider taking a car onto Princes Street (traditionally the main shopping street in city centre) as it is now closed to all private vehicles during daytime hours).
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    we stayed in a serviced apartment just 5 mins away from the Grassmarket and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone but particularly those with more than the average number of 2 kids who struggle to find hotel rooms to accomodate!! They have rooms from 2 person studios up to 3 bedroom apartments that sleep 8 people.

    Its also top-notch quality (I think its a four or even five star) with lovely helpful staff. The prices are not too bad considering what you get and if you can book for 5 days or over the long-stay rates work out cheaper. There's a locked secure free car park (which is a boon in city centre!) plus loads of other extras, but have a look at their website...
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    Obviously avoid anytime around G8-summit time, and prices soar during the Festival too! This is likely to limit the weeks you can travel, so book early.

    Enjoy your trip!
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