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Elderly labrador not eating

Hi all, looking for advice.

I have a 15yr old Labrador who seems to have lost her appetite. She's lost weight and 2 weeks ago she collapsed (her back legs went), rushed her to vets and they prescribed Cimalgex a painkiller. She can't have steroids as she has Cushings disease. Now I know her time is probably near although its so hard to write that, I'm dreading it. She's been such a good friend to me through some traumatic times in my life. She still enjoys little walks. I went out today and bought a roast chicken, tuna in spring water and some cooked roast turkey. She's had the tuna and some chicken but does anyone have any other ideas as to what I might get her?

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  • I had a good friend who used to tempt her cat to eat with that rotisserie chicken you see cooking in the supermarket sometimes. She also used to buy Big Mac's (without all the trimmings & bun) just the patty & cheese) and hand-feed her inappetent dog or cat little chunks, as if they were stealing some of her dinner..... Sometimes little chunks of cheese go down well, too.
  • In her last month or so our old dog lost her appetite.

    We tried lots of things to tempt her. She would like one thing then go off it, then something else, then go off it.

    Wet cat food seemed to be palatable for a while as did tuna. Also Hills make a very palatable wet food, I think it is Hills A/D.

    I can sympathise, it is very hard when they don't want to eat. One of the vet nurses said that if the kidneys are failing they think it can make food taste funny which doesn't help.

    15 is a good age for a Lab, but I know it doesn't make it any easier. We lost our old dog at the beginning of June and I still miss her dreadfully.
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    I found that when my dogs refused to eat, they would always have some boiled chicken and rice.

    I'd boil then simmer a chicken leg or wings, then cook some basmati rice in the chicken broth. No matter how much they were off their food they loved this and it would put them on the road to recovery.
  • Hi, thanks you all for your replies. She's eaten well today, cooked roast turkey with gravy. I will take each day as it comes. She's a lovely girl typical Labrador loves everyone. The vet last week said he hadn't seen a 15 yr old before so she's done well. Thanks again. x
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    How are her teeth? My oldie prefers her food soaked so it's nice and soft for her to eat. As she got older her teeth got worse but due to heart issues she can't have a GA to get them cleaned.

    Good to hear she has a bit of an appetite! Labradors are lovely dogs, my family have always kept them.
  • Hi GBNI

    Her teeth seem ok. Vet checked them last week and couldn't see anything. I think its cos she's just old but she's eaten well again so im happy with that.
    £12,432 - debt free February 2018 :j
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    Remember there is a lot of salt in gravy and tuna.

    Some good raw meals should be tempting, the smellier the better, tripe is often a good one for tempting them to eat.
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    Oh, also fortiflora, it contains animal digest, it is like doggy crack!!!
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