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Positivity is Key

So I haven't done a DFD before so here goes.

I closed my eyes everytime I collected the post from my letterbox and chucked it all on the cupboard and forgot about it. I ignored my phone everytime it rang. I took out a lot of payday loans when I left my ex to cover the finances he paid for. It was spiriling out of control.

It was a few weeks ago when my new partner kept talking about getting a mortgage togeather in a couple of years and settling down that I freaked. I cant get any credit what so ever time for me to sort my life out.

I sat down opened all the letters I had been ignoring and started a spreadsheet of everything I owe. I didn't realise how bad it was. I have since contacted all of my creditors and got final balances and started my own DMP.

So I am vowing to keep a diary of my progress.
Stay tuned. :-)
Just Looking For Advice. :-)


  • Good for you, its important to know exactly what you are tackling so that you can plan how to pay it off.

    I am still waiting on my final figure but its going to be between 7 or 8 thousand that we owe.

    Keep up with it, will all be worth it when you are debt free.


    P.S I am also trying to get myself sorted so I can buy a house, will probably be in around 4 or 5 years time.
  • Good luck with it all! 4000 will be cleared in no time :)
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  • Thanks all for your support. How is it going?

    Im struggling a little but getting there.

    Just Looking For Advice. :-)
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    Have you drawn up an SOA?
  • Hello! I've just started my own diary after reading some of the fantastic ones on here. Good luck with your journey, I also desperately want to buy my own house but credit reports seem to be putting a block on that for the moment. I suppose it's all my own doing so I'm the only one to change it.

    Anywho.... I'll be reading along, let us know how you get on!

    Z x
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