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Sold our house, want to claim housing benefit

We sold our house as we needed to pay off some debts, we now in rented. I put a claim in for housing benefit. They said we could have £8 a week! Which isn't much but all helps. We had £18k out of the house, paid £11k in debts, and £4k 6 months rent in advance, the rest we used to live on and new things for house needed etc. They want proof as to where the £18k has gone which I can prove via bank statements but my question is, will they not pay us as we paid 6 months rent in advance? And the rest we spent. Am not sure how it works. Our tenancy is up in November so paid up till then, then we renew. They are giving us 13 weeks protection money also at £35 a week to start. Many thanks


  • RAS
    RAS Posts: 32,856 Forumite
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    This rather depends what the debts were for and when they were due.

    Housing Benefit Officer would be the best person to comment.
    The person who has not made a mistake, has made nothing
  • nannytone_2
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    [if you paid debts before they were due, then they will consider that you still have the money.
    you can only repay debts that are due of you have CCJ for.
    repaying debts early is a choice/B]
  • Topcat1982
    Look into deprivation of capital, if you paid the debts early you would be treated as still having the money
  • rogerblack
    rogerblack Posts: 9,446 Forumite
    At the very worst, some level of HB will be payable.
    HB begins to be payable at 16K of savings, and all of the 18K would have to be ruled as intended to get (more) benefit.
  • fluffymovie
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    You are entitled to Housing Benefit even though you have paid the rent in advance.
    I have never, in 14 years of working in HB, classed someone clearing debts as deprivation of capital.
    My query would really be why you chose to sell such an asset to clear only £11k of debt. ( I say only but this is because in overall terms, it doesn't appear much but I appreciate for some people it is a lot)
    I currently manage a Housing Benefit service and have been working in Housing / council tax benefit (as was) since 2001.

    All views expressed in my posts are my own opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.
  • Mummyboo777
    Thanks for replies we sold to pay off loan and credit card, we had no money left to live on each month, the repayments were £450 monthly... So relasing the money to pay them off we now have money to live on.. We have no quarrell in selling, our loan was for our last ivf attempt which was successful
  • Mummyboo777
    Might I add my husband wages also dropped due to relocation,,,
  • Mummyboo777
    Also £4000 paid in rent upfront as we needed to secure the property to rent.
  • NYM
    NYM Posts: 4,066 Forumite
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    Congratulations on the successful IVF :)

    I can't advise on anything to do with HB but from some of the replies it appears that you are entitled to make a claim.

    Paying off the loan will have taken away some of the financial pressure you were under and of course, you will no longer have a mortgage payment to make.
  • Mummyboo777
    Thank you :j
    Yea it was huge stress, and we was worried about if we needed to do things to the house and not had the money.. It was the right choice for us... We have already been awarded the hb but we have to show proof of everything which I'm doing. Its a tough old world hey.. :cool:
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