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Moved from other forum -- Enforcement Notice

Afternoon all,

I'm not sure if this is in the right area so feel to move it somewhere more relevant !

I've had a final notice handed to me from a friend that had been posted to an old address i moved out of in January this year. I owed some business rates to Wakefield Council which were paid however the Enforcement company (Jacobs or Merseyside) in their letter state that whilst they have had notice from the Council that my debt to them (council) has been paid and cleared, I still owe the Agent £310.00 in their costs.

This is the first letter I have been given/received and I'm unsure as to my standing on the matter as they quote the "Taking Control of Goods Act 2014" states that the balance has to be paid "and any costs of enforcement to date"

Would anyone be good enough to confirm to me what I should do - I didn't receive any letters from the Council to say it had been passed to an agency and I repaid the outstanding amount over a couple of months ago, when I made the payment there was no mention of any Enforcement Agency being involved either.

Many thanks in advance,

Love the Lord your God
With all your heart
With all your mind
With all your soul
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