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Does WHEN you make overpayments make a difference?

Hi everyone,

Theoretical question. Lets say I had £10,000 to overpay on my five year fixed mortgage. Is there any benefit to overpaying it at the start of the five years, or if I literally paid it a month or two before the remortgage would it essentially have the same impact?



  • LuckyinlifeLuckyinlife Forumite
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    Yes it would soon as you pay the 10k off the next months normal payment the interest would be less so more capital would be payed of

    over a 5 year term it would make a good difference
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    Great stuff, thanks very much
  • Check what your overpayment limits are during the fixed period, as if you overpay too much you would get a penalty. Many allow 10% of the mortgage balance each year, but some are far less generous.

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  • freedomby30freedomby30 Forumite
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    Is your interest daily? If not there could be an optimum time to send off the overpayment
  • SeanymphSeanymph Forumite
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    Your interest could be calculated and added daily - calculated daily and added monthly - I'm sure they do all sorts of other things too!

    You need to see how they do it on yours, then work backwards. But I bang mine in as soon as I have any.
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