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Hello everyone!

I've always been one of those people where writing/talking seems to relieve tension from within so I thought I would start a diary here. My journey is going to be a long one, but hopefully we can go through it together :j

My current debt stands at around £5500 with various cards, banks, payday loans etc. You get the drift. I was young and immature at the time but now it's time to grow up and pay them off! I need to actually make contact with the companies first. I sent out 4 emails today to various ones asking about a payment plan but as some of the accounts are from 2011-12, it may be a bit more difficult.

I'm also going to try to do Non Spend Days (NSD's) to help me out on this journey and I've just set up an eBay account to help shift some things for extra $$!

Never thought my credit would be this bad at 24 years of age but hey, lets concentrate on the future and not the past :)

Looking forward to getting this down!

Current debt (will edit this post with the current amount each time some is paid)
Arrow global - £195
Capital one - £435
Vanquis - £398
MyJar - £218
Capquest - £338
Lowell - £742
Provident - £200
RBS - £1069

4 CCJ's (need to get more info about these to pay them off)

£631 (this is being paid by a AEO £20 a month)
Sealed Pot Challenge No - 492

£1000 Emergency Fund No - #195


  • evo5819evo5819 Forumite
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    So I've just made my first contact with one of my debtors. I received an email back from Arrow global saying that they need to phone me rather than talk over email due to data protection. That's fair enough. Seeing as the debt with them is only £195 I'm hoping I can rid myself of that one in one go starting from my september pay. Have got a holiday next month I need to pay for so that will take my chunk of august pay :(

    Also received a letter today about one of the CCJ's. Been ordered to pay £50 a month starting from August 15th so just going to bite the bullet and pay the first £50 out of my august pay and then hopefully bigger chunks after that.

    I'm determined this time!

    P.S: Also started the 'sealed pot challenge' on here which will all go towards paying off my debts. Got £20 in there so far so it's a good start! :)
    Sealed Pot Challenge No - 492

    £1000 Emergency Fund No - #195
  • evo5819evo5819 Forumite
    73 Posts
    Eighth Anniversary Combo Breaker
    So I contacted the court today and gave them all of my case numbers and managed to find out who the CCJ's are owed too. One was to Tower Capital who seem to have vanished off the face of the earth. I want to pay them but cannot find any way of contacting them at all? If anyone has any info on them, I'd be really grateful!

    Another was to 'Howard Cohen' solicitors. When I rang them, they said that the case was passed to RBS in 2013? Why was the case passed to them and then back to RBS? Need to contact them to find out. It's like a game of pass the parcel with all of these companies :(
    Sealed Pot Challenge No - 492

    £1000 Emergency Fund No - #195
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