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Hi everyone, I'm new to forums and would love to follow some of your stories but there is so much to read and hard to find where to start; I can hardly make sense of it all Would love to read some stories to successful transitions from debt to no debt. Who has been successful?

I've just newly turned 40 and it's time to get my act together.

I owe £3803.38 on credit cards and £6282 to family members - oh god that's ten grand!!! It's been going in the right direction for a year now but I WANT IT ALL GONE for good...

because it time to look at the bigger picture. I've got a good income which is secure and am paying into a pension. I have no excuses it's time to get real. One day I want to travel, have a gap year or go for a total career change and that will be impossible if I am trapped by debt.

I've got the money diet book and I've got plans.

I'm going to post again in 6 months with the update! It'll give me a focus

plan: cut bills
eat cheap with planned menus
no eating out
no mindless spending
spend within means

Credit cards £3803.38
owe mum/sis £6282.00
LBM July 2015 Debt Free 01/05/19
[STRIKE]2 cards £3800 [/STRIKE] now £0 CC debt free n 30/05/18
CAR Loan from MUM [STRIKE]£4000[/STRIKE] paid off April 2018
loan from sister £[STRIKE]2688[/STRIKE] now £0


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