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edited 17 July 2015 at 8:38PM in Debt free diaries
Debt busting went into reverse as I was admitted to hospital for 10 days, getting out just 6 days before we moved.

Not able to do a lot until I have been to the hospital in 2 weeks time to make sure everything is ok and the pacemaker wires have embeded ok.

I have totalled up what we have spent, its going to take me the best part of a year to clear it, and its going to be hard...... but it has to be done.

One thing we have decided on is that my pensions are going into a new account and I will have control over paying the money back. The money in the joint account will go on the usual bills etc and if there is anything left at the month end it will go on debt payments. Wish me luck I think we are going to need it.

To make matters worse our broadband provider managed to muck up our connection, it wasn't all their fault, but we have been without the internet since we moved in......16 days, I was not a happy bunny.

We now have a fight with the council, they have mucked up our rent, HB etc, we got a letter yesterday saying they were applying a DD for £200 a month more than our contracted rent for the next 8 months, today we got a letter saying that we had to re-apply for our benefit....why? when our outreach worker phoned the department when she was here and acertained that all our paper work was correct and in someones in tray and they had done nowt with it!! It would appear they still have done nowt with it and we are now 6 weeks in arrears with the rent because they did not action the direct debit mandate. GGGrrrrrrrr........
Its enough to make a Saint swear and I am no Saint!!
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