Last minute hotel booking in Edinburgh

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We've decided to have a last minute break at the Edinburgh festival next weekend (24-Aug) but, understandably, are struggling for accomodation. Can anyone suggest places that may be available or cheap rate codes for some of the bigger chains?

Many thanks.


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    Have you tried There isnt a lot of availability over the festival. I need to stay in Edinburgh a few nights over the next few weeks and tonight were in a travelodge 4 miles out of the city centre as I refused to book a guest house at £100 a night that looked like it was last decorated in the 60's. The travelodge is £90 which is a rip off to but at least we know what to expect! Think the travelodge in city centre was £120 so all the prices are pretty high just now aswell.

    Hope you find something suitable

    Emma :)
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    There are a few hotel rooms left on the visitscotland website
    but they are really expensive. Have you thought of hostels - likely to be the only reasonably priced accommodation left during festival time!
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    I believe that that weekend is the most expensive of the year - there is some big rugby match in Murrayfield.

    They were saying in the paper that 25 August at the George hotel in Edinburgh (a 4 star hotel) was coming up at £999 per night for 25 August.
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    I'd stay somewhere close by and travel in- the money you spend on travelling will be far less than you'll overpay for a bed for the night.
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  • Just yesterday, managed to get a self-catering appartment in Edinburgh City Centre from 25th-28th August through the visitscotland website, worked out far cheaper than hotels... :D well worth giving them a try, very helpful!

    Travelling up by train aswell as think parking is horrendous in the city centre! :eek:
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    You could try ; or there is bed and breakfast in private houses for reasonable rates - can't remember the name of the company but think it was festival beds or similar....? Or try the website message boards under accommodation.
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