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Monday 29th June - What small DFW things will you do today?

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ziggy2407ziggy2407 Forumite
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When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of "big stuff" that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym.

But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free!

Examples could be hanging washing out instead of using the tumble dryer or leaving your purse/wallet at home to avoid the risk of spending!

So be proud of those small steps, they really are important!:money:
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    ziggy2407ziggy2407 Forumite
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    Good Morning All

    Hi to all of the regulars and a BIG welcome to all the newbies, this is a really FAB thread with so many lovely, caring, considerate and supportive people.

    Little list as plan to make most of nice weather

    Packed lunch for DH & DS - Done
    Tea in SC -
    Measure & start curtain for my re-vamped shed -
    Keep "bumping" my for sale posts -
    Continue purge on Emails -
    Continue purge on FB & Twitter -
    Surveys -
    Check Banks -
    Enter a few comps -
    All meals from cupboards/fridge/freezer -
    Check - Remember there are now 5 chances to win -
    Read - wip

    Have a great day, love to you all

    C x
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  • BobarellaBobarella Forumite
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    Savvy Shopper! I've been Money Tipped!
    Morning All

    Had a very funny night. Lots of bad dreams and leg cramps. The worst dream had me turning up to the shop only to find the bailiffs had changed the locks and put up a massive poster on my door informing everyone of this fact! It took me up until the point of trying repeatedly in my dream to dial the number on the poster before I gave up realising it wouldn't ring and woke up. That was around 4.30 am and after that I've just dozed having other weird dreams really.
    It just goes to show what fears live in my subconscious. For the first time ever I am in a situation where that is very unlikely to occur so why dream it now?

    Anyway at the risk of turning this thread into the plotline of Dallas, today I will be
    - planning with the party booking for next weekend in more detail. How many heads. Menu required etc. Getting as much prep done ahead as I can.
    -Sending off the small ebay sale my son made yesterday. Have transfered the £2.50 to his account so not strictly money saving for me but same principle.
    - Cycling all journeys.
    - Husband will take packed lunch as usual. As will son.
    - Dinner options will be something cheap and easy as I suspect I will be quite tired by then!

    Have a good day all.

    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

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  • DawnWDawnW Forumite
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    Morning all :)
    Thanks for starting us off Ziggy
    Sorry you had a bad night Bob. I hate those stupid stress dreams - I don't get them so much now I have retired from my stress fest of a job.

    List for today:
    Used up some more of the shampoo I don't like - not much left now, so I will soon be able to buy a big green bottle from Lidls - my favourite :D
    HG strawberries with breakfast cereal
    Loaf in bread maker (already in)
    Housework and lots of it :(
    Load of washing and dry on line as it looks like being a fine day (supposed to be hot this week I think)
    Get some items ready for my sales unit
    Pick any produce that is ready (at least lettuce needed for the kitchen and rhubarb as it is going mad)
    Water anything that needs it
    Make a batch of scones as OH is bemoaning the lack of treats since I have been dieting (I will adjust my diet to allow myself one :A)
    HM meals
    Not a NSD though, as I will need to do a small top up shop at Lidls (I meant to go over the weekend, but didn't)

    That should keep me busy!

    Update on my cabbage freezing experiment - I had to cut 4 quite big cabbages a couple of weeks ago, and as I had never frozen it before, asked on the OS board whether anyone else had done so, whether they blanched it etc. I received replies from both people who blanch and those who don't bother. I tried some of each, and can report that there is no difference, at least if you eat it within a few weeks. So I shan't bother in future - just chop it up and stuff it into bags :cool::D

    Hope you all have a good day :)

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    determined_new_msdetermined_new_ms Forumite
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    Morning Ziggy, Bob & Dawn. Beautiful day here in the south. Should get my backside into gear with looking for work, but think I will take today off as well :o Ive got 1 job I'm applying for that closes on Wednesday but to be honest I don't really want it. It's a 12 month contract about 45 mins commuting each way doing a job I did years ago....

    Small things for the day:

    * [STRIKE]checked banking[/STRIKE]
    * need to go through my cc statement as I have obviously missed something as when I paid it it was about £25 short of the balance
    * call Littlewoods. I missed the payment! Hopefully they'll take pity on me for the events of last week and not give me a late charge...
    * [STRIKE]roast chicken for dinner[/STRIKE] In SC as started cleaning the oven - realised it is a much bigger job than I thought and I don't have the things I need to do it. /so oven out of action until I go shopping tomorrow!
    * bake cookies & cakes while oven is on see above
    * [STRIKE]HM soup and pita for lunch[/STRIKE]
    * flylady kitchen
    * [STRIKE]repot a couple of plants & plant some seeds[/STRIKE]
    * [STRIKE]dig over soon-to-be veg bed[/STRIKE] Hard work!
    * [STRIKE]texted ex-mil and asked if I can pop round and get some cuttings of her mint plant[/STRIKE] Popping round there on Weds morning. Seem to have booked a busy day Weds!
    * making a list of things I need to do while in the next town tomorrow when I go for my appointment at the Jobcentre re JSA (trying to use my car as little as possible)
    * [STRIKE]looked through the calendar to see what birthday cards I'll need over the next month and if I need to get any gifts[/STRIKE]
    * make a start on the job application
    * [STRIKE]watching the sun in the garden today to see what gets full sun, partial and what is shady[/STRIKE]
    * [STRIKE]load of washing & line dry[/STRIKE]

    Ok that's my lot today. Seems like I'll be in the garden a lot today!
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  • La_escocesaLa_escocesa Forumite
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    Hi everyone :hello:

    Hope things are good with you all.

    Ziggy - thanks for the kick off. :A
    Bob - Oh dear - hope you have a more pleasant night's sleep tonight!
    Dawn - sounds like a busy one for you!
    DNMS - hugs on the job front my dear - I'm sure you'll get the job you want just as soon as it comes up!

    So...things here have just been a stress fest really. I'm trying to keep calm and tackle just one thing at a time because it's all so overwhelming. :(

    Have taken today off work just to get my head clear and my paperwork in order for the (hopefully!) soon house move...

    So far I've done some yoga and meditation at home, which has really been helping.

    Then I'm going to:
    Meals from stores
    Teach yoga
    Sort paperwork for mortgage shenanigans
    Chill out!

    Not a lot but somehow seems like too much!!

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    1HANNAH1HANNAH Forumite
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    Morning all.

    Thanks Ziggy for the start.
    Bob, Hope that you sleep better tonight.
    Dawn, I may follow in your footsteps & make some scones :)
    Dnms, Good luck with the job hunting & I hope that littlewoods don't charge you a late fee.
    La Escocesa, Hope you're doing ok.

    Morning to all who follow :)

    My list today
    :starmod: Record mileage done
    :starmod: At least mins in gym:D did 45mins - pt cancelled again (so another £15/2 better off)
    :starmod: Fill water bottle at gym :D
    :starmod: Shower/ wash hair at gym - use their water/elec :D done
    :starmod: Wash 2 loads at 30 degrees - done
    :starmod: Hang washing on the line done
    :starmod: Tidy everywhere
    :starmod: Clean kitchen using stardrops
    :starmod: All meals from stores b, ys bread for toast, lunch, ham sarnie & Dinner - kids having left over sunday lunch, we're having leftover salad & chicken
    :starmod: NSD :D
    :starmod: Check banks/update spreadsheet done
    :starmod: Do the ironing (switching off with a couple of items left)
    :starmod: Do today's flylady mission :DLounge is now clutter free :D

    Thats it for now, going to finish my cuppa and crack on!
    Following :money: to keep us debt free :j
  • greensaladgreensalad Forumite
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    I took my credit card and main debit card out of my purse today.

    I'm going to be exclusively using my pre-paid card throughout the week, topping it up once a week with just the stuff I need for that week and nothing more.

    Today is a SD as I need lunch (and I've put my lunch allowance on the pre-paid card). Tomorrow aiming for a NSD. Wednesday SD again as I usually buy lunch in enough for 2 days. Thursday NSD.

  • princess_peaprincess_pea Forumite
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    Hi Everyone,

    Bob - sorry to hear you've been having bad dreams, they really mess your sleep up! Hope you have a more restful night tonight

    Green Salad - That's a great idea leaving the cards at home, something I should do more often!

    - LSD today, need a couple of bits from the supermarket. I'm holding off until Wednesday to do a big shop at Aldi as it's then I find out how much my car insurance is going to be. Looking back at my spending diary I have a big problem getting little bits here and there from Sainsburys (I live right behind one). It's something I need to address

    - FPL and surveys to check

    - Do some ironing tonight - trying to turn the mountain into a large hill instead

    - MUST MUST take some photos of the stuff I want to sell today. If I haven't reported back that I've done this tomorrow please give me a virtual slap!

    - I have custody of my dog until tomorrow night (shared with my ex) so looking forward to getting out and walking her over the next couple of days

    - Ask my friend if she wants to do a car boot with me the week after next :)

    - Loads of stuff to do at work as per but there is hopefully going to be the chance of some extra hours in the pipeline... fingers crossed :T

    Have a great day everyone
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  • BobarellaBobarella Forumite
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    Savvy Shopper! I've been Money Tipped!
    Just popping on to do a small payment to CC2. £5.01 thanks to a checkoutsmart credit.

    So I have now hit £40 on overpayments this pay period (which runs up to end of July for me)
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

    Debt neutral :) 27/03/17 from £40k:eek: in the hole 2012.
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  • CallistoCallisto Forumite
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    Good afternoon everyone. Today I will:

    Write out meal plan and shopping list (not going shopping until later in the week when I visit my Gran as then I can go to Aldi)

    Washing out on line to dry

    Walk dog to and from vet (she is having kennel cough vaccination), saving on petrol and getting in some exercise for me and her this afternoon

    NSD, other than dog's vaccination

    Got 100 free ebay listings to use by midnight tomorrow, so take photographs and start listing this evening

    Cross trainer this evening, at least 16 minutes (bought it second hand a couple of weeks ago and I have now realised how completely unfit I am, so slowly building up the time!)

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