Sky broadband offer you blagged

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The Sky broadband offer you blagged is not working. I have my code but the Sky offer site says the code is not recognised. Ive had a reminder from them that time is running out!

Ive wasted hours trying to get the deal!

Has anyone else had the same problem


  • How do you contact Martin to ask what's the point of claiming he's blagged a deal if Sky don't let you claim it?
  • I have had exactly same problem. Live chat not available according to one page and busy for over two hours on another. Two phone calls but told offer online only and will have to live chat. Second person told me offer not available because I have Sky TV but I can't find that exclusion, I've never had sky broadband or phone before. Screen says code not recognised for existing customers but if u take the other option it is recognised but it won't let me complete order! Tried to complain and directs me to live chat which of course is busy!
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    me too - and when I finally got through to chat they declined to honour saying they only had FIBRE available despite all the checks befre even applying for the code.
    never had any dealings with SKY before - and frankly not certain I ever want to - and a shameful use of MSE to appear to lend credence to their hard sell
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    Interesting thread. I don't think I have ever seen one before where all the posters have such low post counts.

    Not saying there's anything wrong or suspicious about it, just unusual
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    There may well be many people that read the main site for "deals" but do not participate in the forum unless there's a problem with one of those deals.

    There are other topics about this particular offer not working. Not with complaints from me, as internet connectivity is important enough to me that I buy on quality, not price so have not attempted to avail myself of this offer.
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    Zolablue I seldom post on any forum and I dont understand what you think Im up to!
  • Zolablue that was the first time I had posted on the MSE forum and only made this first post because it was about an MSE blagged offer
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    I got this deal, already up and running....amazing value...
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    As I said "Not saying there's anything wrong or suspicious about it, just unusual" and it is. I don't think I mentioned anywhere in my post that I think anyone is "up to" anything. I was merely making an observation.
  • I ordered it no problem too. I didn't even enter the code just followed the link from the email. Did you try it again? Maybe clear your cookies and have another go. I know there were teething problems on the first day it went live.
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