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my sky broadband goes off about every 30 mins the moden has to reboot its self the service is usless


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    Contact Sky and report a fault - they can't resolve the problem if they're not aware it exists!
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    I previously had Sky, and I found their support rather good.
    I had connection issues and in the end BT had to replace the wires from the street junction box to my house.
    The starting point was a phone call to Sky, and they handled the rest.
    I may have had to prod them for status once or twice.
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    This is the energy board...
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
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    macman wrote: »
    This is the energy board...
    well done for spotting that ;-)

    If you looked the OP is only new to the forums so possibly wasn't aware where they should post.


    As other answers have said. Ring SKY if you down load their app you can do so via that on your mobile. They will then run through checks and give you things to try. I too had problems with my broadband/phone line. Sky had to get BT to dig up the street to fix it in the end.
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