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Really on the edge..

Wasn't really sure where to put this, but hoping you can help...

I had a long chat with a very good friend of mine last night who is on the edge to say the least.
He has quite a stressful job anyway, but also seems to feel they are trying to push him out. Basically them being pedantic to the point of stupidity - maybe a form of almost constructive dismissal. He has been there less than two years, so would effectively have no rights.

He is actively looking for another job, but they even have a suspicious attitude when days are taken off. He feels like they almost know he may be looking around.

Anyway, the stress of the work situation is such that he may just walk if they push him over the edge.
The additional reason he is so stressed, is that if he does walk, would he be entitled to any form of benefits or help while continuing to look for work?
He has a mortgage (interest only). His wife works, but only part time and her wage would not even remotely cover the shortfall.

I feel for him as he's battled cancer recently and maybe not as full of energy as he once was. He also admitted to having suicidal tendencies over the whole thing.
Not that I suspect it makes any difference, but he's always been a hard worker, paid his taxes and never claimed benefits in his life.

I'm trying to get back to him with something / some advice, as he really is on the edge and I've never seen him like this before.

Advice appreciated.
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  • merlin68
    merlin68 Posts: 2,405 Forumite
    If he can get a fit note he can claim esa. Did he pay contributions for the whole of 2011-2013, as this is what he needs to claim contribution based esa or jsa. The amount is only £73 a week though.
  • thechippy
    thechippy Posts: 1,938 Forumite

    He did pay contributions during that time.
    Could you enlighten me on ESA please?
    Happiness, is a Kebab called Doner.....:heart2::heart2:
  • bloolagoon
    bloolagoon Posts: 7,973 Forumite
    Can he not go on the sick? ESA won't help much and sick pay is more.
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  • thechippy
    thechippy Posts: 1,938 Forumite

    The company don't pay any sick pay, I think they just put you on statutory.
    Happiness, is a Kebab called Doner.....:heart2::heart2:
  • rogerblack
    rogerblack Posts: 9,446 Forumite
    thechippy wrote: »

    The company don't pay any sick pay, I think they just put you on statutory.
    If he is eligible for SSP, he is not eligible for ESA.

    If he has a mental health condition amounting to a disability, in principle, the employer has the duty to make reasonable adjustments.
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