Fallen pregnant on esa


I was looking for some advice, I am on esa and have fallen pregnant (unplanned) i am now 16 weeks and 3 days,
I have spoken to my advisor i see ones a month as i am in the wrag group, he didn't see sure but told me i had to tell the jobcentre soon.
I am worried i will loose money and with a new baby on the way and facing the prospect of being a single parent i think i will struggle.
Anyway i was just wondering if any one new the procedure or have being in this situation themselves....just looking for advice really any helpful advice would be greatly received....many thanks :)


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    Pregnancy won't make any immediate difference to your ESA claim. If the medical condition for which you are claiming ESA continues then your ESA claim can also continue. If your ESA claim ends you will be able to claim Income Support once you are within 11 weeks of the expected date of birth of the baby.
  • tomtontom
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    If you are on income based ESA that will be affected by your partner's income when/ if you move in together.
  • TELLIT01
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    gingerlocks refers to facing the prospect of being a single mum so it seems there isn't a partner in the picture.
  • ohreally
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    I am on esa and have fallen pregnant (unplanned)

    Like pregnancy just happens!
    Don’t be a can’t, be a can.
  • Studebacher_Hoch
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    Is this the benefits forum or the snidely judging people and their use of (perfectly normal) language forum?

    The pregnancy shouldn't affect anything with your ESA claim at the moment. It may limit the type of work-related activity you can do at some point. That would be something to discuss with your adviser. There is the option of claiming Income Support as a lone parent later as TELLIT01 says (I'm assuming you would qualify for income-related benefits).

    You'll eventually need to apply for child benefit and child tax credits [edit: neither of these would affect your amount of ESA]. Seems like it's your first child so I think they'll be worth about £84 per week combined. If it's your first child and you're getting a qualifying benefit make sure you apply for a Sure Start Maternity Grant in good time (11 weeks before the due date to 3 months after). See the link below:


    If you're on income-related ESA you can also apply for healthy start vouchers (and free vitamins with them) now. They're not worth much but every bit helps:

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    if you mustn't get pregnant then don't just use one method of contraception but use two - the chances of them both failing at the same time are astronomical.

    Very high?:eek:

    Perhaps you meant infinitesimal?
  • Transformers
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    xylophone wrote: »

    Very high?:eek:

    Perhaps you meant infinitesimal?

    As in, if you are single with no partner and are living on benefits then make sure that when you have sex you use sufficient protection to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

    It's not really a 'whoops, I appear to be pregnant' kind of event - it is very much preventable.

    Maybe if the benefits system didn't so easily finance 'unwanted' pregnancies then people would be more careful in their choices.
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    i thought you couldn't get pregnant on ESA, that it was a 100% contraception?
  • billywilly
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    Funny how people here don't know the meaning of day-to-day words but then feel the need to redefine them. Kind of like a creature from Alice in Wonderland.

    I can't see anything wrong in that post - it is perfectly clear and concise. maybe it is you that is failing to understand the full extent of the English language?
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    !!!!!!, more trolling by the same person - this forum is for people to seek help and to be advised what is available to them in their circumstances- judgement is not necessary- ever.

    Pregnancy isn't always a choice, mistakes are always easy to make (of course the circumstances of such mistakes are not always proportionate to the mistake itself)

    Either way, can't we be a happy helpful board? rather than a "you should of/would have/could have" board (in no way helpful at all).
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