27 days to beat the barclaycard!


I am currently just over £15000 in debt and have been posting diaries on this forum for a while now. I quite like setting myself a goal and the having a diary for just that goal, before starting a new one. So, here I am again!

I have £1980 on the barclaycard that I want to be able to clear next pay day (22/5/15). In order to do this, I need to have a fairly quiet month.

Avoid eating out- find cheap stuff to cook at home
Walk to work for the next 2 weeks
Take food into work with me
Post on here every day if I can- need to stay focused!!

Have a good weekend everyone x
LBM early Jan 2013. Debt to clear at LBM (£25,804) £15,187. Barclaycard £1980 Unsecured Natwest loan £7216. Virgin Money £5991 (@0% until Aug 2015). Natwest credit card £0. Halifax overdraft £1000.


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