Battery issue, Charger issue or?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3.

A few days ago I noticed the battery draining rapidly out of nowhere, it went from a full charge to dead in 2 hours.

I put it on charge when I got home using the wall charger and it took 26 hours to fully charge my phone from dead to 100 per cent battery.

I used the phone to go online and the battery was draining, I looked at it and it was draining 5 per cent every minute or so.

Now when I try to charge the phone either with the wall charger or USB charger it takes over an hour to charge 1 per cent.

I am planning on buying a new battery tomorrow but wanted to ask before I did so in case it is something else causing it.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be? (as a side note I turn off wifi/mobile data/location etc when not in use, close apps down when I have finished with them etc)


  • gibby9
    gibby9 Posts: 166 Forumite
    This happened recently with my wife's S3.

    We bought a new battery from amazon and now all good. It was an Anker battery, currently £10.

    If you remove the battery from the phone does it appear swollen in the middle?
  • grumbler
    grumbler Posts: 58,629 Forumite
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    It's pretty obvious that it's not the charger issue.
    It's the battery or the phone or both.
  • JJ_Egan
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    First buy a new battery Anker as advised .
    If that is the same try a factory reset but add no further apps and test .
  • Sarah_5
    Sarah_5 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited 24 February 2015 at 9:59PM
    Hi, I have the same problem and have the Galaxy S3 - my provider beginning with V shall not exchange it for a new hand set and am now onto my 5th like for like reconditioned mobile! They keep exchanging but shall not provide me with a new one... I switch it on and all seems fine for a week or 2 and then same thing happens battery drains really quickly.... charging for hours! One bit of advice I got was to make sure the hand set was switched off at night time and to then charge. This has improved the battery but not to 100% it has been a total night mare and I am paying for a service that I am not getting. My husband has now written a letter of complaint. The provider is such a large company that they just pass me to person to person and basically get no where! They can however charge me over £330 to end my contract or I could pay £230 for an upgrade - neither of which I a m prepared to do! Total nightmare and apparently this is happening to the S3s all of the time!

    P.s I have bought a new battery and charger and still the problem remains!
  • JJ_Egan
    JJ_Egan Posts: 20,281 Forumite
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    Network will still work if you put the sim in another phone thats the network service you are paying for .

    The turn off at night to charge is nonsense .

    The same problem on 5 phones almost defies the law of greater numbers .
  • forgotmyname
    forgotmyname Posts: 32,574 Forumite
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    I do use an older Samsung charger which had a lower charge output than my S4 charger.

    In the hope that it charges it slower so less heat and a longer battery life. The first battery was one of the dodgy ones that swelled up.
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