Doing a Balance Transfer? Check Your Direct Debit

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I'm sharing my idiocy here in the hope that it might help somebody else avoid it...

Last month I BTd just over £3000 onto my Natwest CC, who had offered me a life of balance rate of 6.9%.

Skip forward to this morning and I log onto my account to find that the entire balance had been requested from, and rejected by, the building society and Natwest wanted an extra ten quid for the trouble of asking. Only at that point did I realise that my direct debit instruction still said 'pay full balance'.

Incredibly luckily the request was made just hours before my husband's pay went into the current account, otherwise it wouldn't have bounced but we'd have had no money left and just a nice, fully-paid credit card. Kindly, Natwest refunded me my charge too.

So, check your direct debit!!
Grateful to finally be debt free!
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