Any thoughts on F&C ISA & TD Direct Regular ISA?

Evening All,

Planning for next year's ISA and moving into ITs rather than funds. OH has her ISA in Aberdeen and we have a savings plan with Baillie Gifford.

What I am interested in knowing is how are F&Cs services, yearly reports, their online system in showing amount invested versus capital growth? Costs are not a factor for me as I look to invest for a few years in F&Cs trusts. They have a range of 12 funds that 'almost' meet my needs, wish they had a dedicated Emerging markets Trust but hey-ho

A close contender is TD Direct and thats due to 2 reasons
1. I have £21k in HL in funds and transferring to TD direct saves me 0.15% platform fees
2. As I am only looking to regularly invest £550 across 3 ITs, TD's regular investment ISA will cost me £54 annually, less than F&Cs £60 annual charge and also gives me a much bigger selection of ITs.

But again, I do not know how good TD Direct's services are. I dont need a lot of research articles or information but what I do want is a decent service and online platform, for which I dont mind paying



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