lost reward points from MBNA

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I just logged into my MBNA account that i have had for several years, and it looks like they have taken over half my points.

I emailed them and they said because they were over 36 months old i lost them.

I had no warning, or notification this was the case.

Anyway i can get them back?


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    The warning would have been in the terms and conditions you agreed to when you took out the card, it'd have stated that the points expired, either after a certain time or period of inactivity.

    You can ask them nicely if they'll reinstate them, but no guarantees you'll get them back. If they say no, then they're gone, unfortunately.
  • The terms and conditions probably covered all this. You did read them, didn't you?

    You could ask them nicely and threaten cancellation if it comes to it to see if they will reinstate it.
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