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Faulty B/N machine and 365.electrical want me to pay £25 to collect it and refund!!

I have a brand new faulty machine(2 weeks old and always been faulty) and 365electrical have told me that unless i have another of theirs i will have to pay £25 for them to pick up the faulty machine that they sent me. Can they do that?Is that right? Zanussi have confirmed that it is faulty.


  • I hope you paid by credit card, if so call the card company and tell them you have faulty goods and want them collected free within 7 days.

    Then you can charge them rent for the space it is taking in your house :D
    baldly going on...
  • McAzraelMcAzrael Forumite
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    If you didn't pay by credit card, write to the supplier explaining that you are rejecting the goods as you are entitled to under the Sale of Goods Act 1974 (as ammended). Give them a reasonable time to collect the machine and refund you IN FULL (7 days?). Explain that after this time you will start a claim in your local County Court (including interest and court fees), and be prepared to do this. You may want to address the letter to their legal department rather than customer services. You may also want to spring a further 70p for recorded delivery so that you have proof that they received the letter.

    What is a B/N machine?
  • windym_2windym_2 Forumite
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    McAzrael wrote: »

    What is a B/N machine?

    Brand New ;)
  • JennyW_2JennyW_2 Forumite
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    something similar happened to me last year but with a fridge freezer - I got in touch with trading standards to find out where I stood legally and used this information against the supplier. They soon rectified our problems!
  • MandlesMandles Forumite
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    Well, i got a replacement cheaper than advertised on site but i did not like these blackmail type tactics that this firm use.
    So i would not use them again ever. Thanks for all your advise though(i did not think it was going to get any answers so i went ahead with exchange.
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