Starry_eyed pulls her head out of the clouds!

Hey Everyone!

I'm a long term stalker/lurker of the site, but the debt free diaries in-particular!

I don't have a huge amount of debt, and currently I haven't got a problem meeting my minimum repayments, but I could see how it could spiral!
I don't want to just pay minimum payments.. I don't want to pay £££'s in interest.

Also, my job is changing on the 5th of Jan and I will no longer be working shifts, so although my basic wage will remain the same, my earnings will decrease.

I got paid waaay to early this month, and this is going to be interesting.. I will have a community based job - I can claim my mileage back, but need to have the fuel in the car in the first place!

I've been thinking about a diary and have decided to take the plunge.
Recently I have done a few things to prepare - switched gas and electric suppliers, made a spreadsheet, set up all payments on my banking app so I can make a payment a day - (really like the idea of this, and it should also help keep an eye on my account as I tend to pay for everything by card and don't keep track!), registered for the staff "bank" so i can pick up ad hoc shifts to boost my earnings.

In april my youngest child will qualify for free hours at nursery and this will make a big difference to the amount... it's so expensive!!

My dirty habit is going tomorrow too... no more smoking for me!! I am working tomorrow, so I hope it's a relatively stress free day - plus bank holiday pay!

So as it stands I currently owe:

£823.73 - catalogue
£117.36 cc1
£163.39 cc2
£180.78 cc3
£583.80 cc4
£212.00 catalogue 2

and my car loan... which I can't bring myself to write down at the moment!!!:eek:

Sorry for the lengthy first post!

Happy New Year to you all!



  • starry_eyed14starry_eyed14 Forumite
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hope everybody had a good new year.
    I was working over new year... at least I earned money instead of spending it I guess!

    The no-smoking started well, until I fell off the wagon, but i'm starting again tomorrow. I WILL do it!

    I've been doing a payment a day which has been going well ... it's so easy with the app I have on my phone. I think it makes a big difference!

    I've been meal planning and only buying food for specific meals, which is going well... but my gawd! How expensive is food...! Another reason to get on a diet!

    I'm still waiting for my stuff to be registered so I can do some extra hours.

    I've booked a sun holiday today... back to Cornwall, we've done it every year for the past few years.. kids love it and so do we!

    Off to do my sunday jobs... ironing and sheets... so boring but so worth it!

  • twiggy86twiggy86 Forumite
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    Good start starry eyed! I'm really trying to cut down on my grocery spend too. I do wonder how some people spend so little! Im signing up for the February grocery challenge to try and encourage me!
    Starting again..
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