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Getting info on my CAT D car

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Getting info on my CAT D car

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I am in the process of trying to sell my car and tried autotrader and to my surprise it was flagged up as a CAT D car. They apparently get their data from Experian who put me in touch with the insurance company that wrote it off. I asked them when it was written off and they wouldn't tell me because of "Data Protection" which I know is rubbish as the DPA only covers personal information. I wasn't asking for the name and address of the policy holder at the time it was written off or anything. I just want an idea of WHEN it was written off, as this will give me some indication of the extent of the damage, as obviously a car written off early in its life would have sustained more damage that one written off later in its life. We've had the car for almost three years, and my insurance company only keeps records going back three years and said they had nothing on it, and I've got all it's MOT history. I've been in touch with a couple of car checking sites and they say even if I paid for a car check, it wouldn't necessarily give me the info I want. I'm just frustrated that this insurance company are mis-using the DPA and there's nothing I can do to find information about a car I own! Can anyone suggest anything?


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