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Cooker. I think its broken. Advice needed.

About 5 weeks ago our electric fan oven cooker broke down. The heating element died. So we got a new one fitted and everything worked fine. Until yesterday morning. I turned the oven on and cooked some sausages which was fine. Then after that I tired to turn the oven on again later but this time nothing happened.

There's no light turning on on the dial to show its pre heating, no light inside the oven and the fan doesn't even come on and the oven doesn't heat up.

The hob still works and the top oven/grill still works.

My question is, is my oven looking to go on the scrap heap? If its broken then so be it but we really need to get a new one ASAP for Christmas.


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    Ovens in the old days were fitted to a seperate feed to the hob , have you checked the fuse panel to see if the oven feed has tripped or blown

    Just reread this , if the grills working and it's part of the oven then it's not the power , sounds like the element again although the light not coming on is a worry

    I would suspect a new oven is in order
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  • OK. Is there anything else it could be? Could something have tripped or it is that the ovens dead? I only ask because the hob and top oven still works, its just the big oven thats not working.
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    Has it got any sort of clock or timer? I had a oven with one of these which appeared to be scrap a appliance repair man bypassed the clock in 20 mins as it had died and the oven works.
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