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Composite Door Brand knowledge out there?!

Hi all, our ageing wooden front door needs replacing, and we're looking at composite.

We've had two quotes thus far, both of which are within the same ball park in terms of cost, although I don't know how the available brands rate, when compared to eachother.

One quote is for a Visage Composite door, with glazed side-panel, for £1295 inc. VAT, fitted).

The other is a Duragreen cmoposite door, and matching composite side-panel, for £1090 inc. VAT delivered.

The company who provided the latter quote also deal with Safeguard and Safechoice.

They told me that the Duragreen door was the more premium door, but I got the distinct feeling this was a lot of hot air.

Anyone in-the-know on such things?


  • FurtsFurts Forumite
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    My pennys worth is that you need to establish who makes these doors and what is their track record. For example, I was looking at the Duraflex door around two years ago, but did not purchase and have not delved into them since.

    I am assuming this is your "Duragreen". If so, when I was looking the profile was made in Tewkesbury, then sent to South Wales to be made into a frame. This was then taken to a sub contractor in the East Of England called Phoenix. This company imports cheap blanks from the Far East, forms them into doors and fixes the door into the Duraflex frame. This is then shipped back into the supply chain. The resultant door was dirt cheap, but I was iffy about the quality of it. They were being offerred to me for £400-450.

    I would prefer a door which is made in Europe, with a CE number, and an approved quality scheme, and without using Far Eastern blanks.
  • dazedandconfused_123dazedandconfused_123 Forumite
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    I think our composite door is by "Solidor"

    We are really pleased with it (and the especially the security aspect)
    Thanks to all posters for your never ending help and support
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    I have got a Solidor fitted recently. Did a research on rockdoors, yale door s and than decided to go with solidor.
  • ohreallyohreally Forumite
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    I originally considered a rockdoor but quickly discounted them going instead with
    Don’t be a can’t, be a can.
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