help with cashing in my Scottish widow pension

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I retired on health grounds from London underground about 7 years ago. I had a old Scottish widow pension that I took out in late 80s its worth not a lot as a pension as it has not been paid into since 1989. I've been doing everything I've been asked for by Scottish widow letter from my GP but they ate still holding back on paying me off. Who can I complain to.


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    You can't take any pension until age 55 - unless you have a terminal illness and/or are expected to die within 1 year. The 'new' pension rules don't come into force until April next year. You may be able to 'cash' it under existing Triviality rules - how big is this pension pot?
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    Who can I complain to.

    You can complain to Scottish Widows. However, what basis would your complaint be?

    For example, if you are not terminally ill, they cant pay it to you if you are aged under 55. Also, if you are trying to get it under April 2015 rules then you cant get it until April 2015 when those rules come in. Triviality rules only apply to over 60s. Health has to meet a certain threshold to get ill health retirement. Maybe you dont meet that?
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