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Virgin media stopped my discount without notice

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s77007s77007 Forumite
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Started contract in 2008 with virgin media with 2 for 20 offer. Package that included following
Internet (2mb) at that time
Anytime national number

This was brought down to 20 GBP by giving discount of 20 GBP.
The only catch was if I drop any of the services then I will lose the discount however if I upgrade or add services then discount will continue.

With inflation there was increase in some of the charges and reduction in discount to make it 18 which again continued over years. At that time I was receiving paper bills and charges showed the discount.

At one point VM stopped displaying discount but assured me that discount is still being applied as cost of my package was high and with discount it was coming to reduced value that was being billed. I had infact called VM and had confirmed this as I could not understand the bill without discount. I was reassured at that time that this will continue as long as I don’t drop my services.

During this period I had added several packages and upgraded internet etc. but never dropped any of the basic services agreed. As the deal was done on the phone there is no paper trail of this however I have some bills around 2010 showing gbp 18 discount.
Few years later I was advised to move to green billing and move away from paper contract and as you do I did not check emails trusting that virgin was doing what they agreed and had continued over years.
As of today (due to house move) I checked my virgin account and found that discount of gbp 18 is not being added, so called up customer services and they advised me that discount is NOT being applied from 2012 !!!
I don’t know where I stand but if they listen to various conversations I had during upgrade of internet package few years ago they will find the record of what was discussed also some of the bill I have clearly show that I was getting discount over years ! also girl I spoke to first said that any discount is only applicable for 6 months however I had received discount for 4 years and stopped suddenly after that without any notice from virgin.
I am not sure what options I have but feel let down by VM for 2 years and now I feel dumb and dumped.:mad:

Any suggestions where I can take this matter, I have requested VM to investigate as over the years their systems have changed and now the agent on the phone couldn’t see any mention of discount !!! which was discussed every time I upgraded or added service on ! and I had called VM numerous times during my period of 6 years. As a customer I trusted VM for providing home services but it all looks cunning plan to me to claw money back from me Without notifying me of change!!!



  • teddysmumteddysmum Forumite
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    Discounts are usually only for a year and, as far as I know, the providers (not just Virgin) do not tell you when the time is up.
  • s77007s77007 Forumite
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    I had confirmed numerous times on call and they had always maintained that discount will continue to be on my account as long as i dont cancel any of the basic services. I have requested them to listen into calls but i doubt (or hope) they have recordings pre 2010. Every time i upgraded i specifically asked question and guys on the phone always maintained the same line!

    As i said if they dont have information in their system can they blame me, i can show from remaining invoices how long the discount was going on for and it was well over a year in fact 4 years! so theory that discount stays for a year or 6 months is not true. I have SPOKEN to VM on numerous occasions in last 6 years.

    All i am looking for is advise on what else can i do or how can i prove my point? what if they simply refuse or say we dint find any notes calls to confirm this as its over 2 years old - do i just accept that - I am not just fighting for money here but blatant lie and trying to find out my options.
  • s77007s77007 Forumite
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    Sorry TeddysMum,

    This discount was agreed verbally on phone and was applied for 4 years, at-least VM should have courtesy to inform me and give me choice to cancel.

    teddysmum wrote: »
    Discounts are usually only for a year and, as far as I know, the providers (not just Virgin) do not tell you when the time is up.

    They drop letters when they need so why not now?

    What if they just make up stories and use one lie to hide another, i wouldnt have a clue, apart from some bills i retained showing discounts. I am sure if they pull bills from 2008 from their accounts team they will see what i mean and how long it went for.
    All they need to do is listen to the conversation - but will they? How can i make sure they do ?

  • BuzbyBuzby Forumite
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    Whether then tell you or not, the bottom line it what you pay - when it looks unreasonable, you need to investigate. I can confirm when an offer ends, the bill goes up and you have to argue the case. The best I had was 3 years of a £5 non-DDM credit as they emptied my bank account twice due to errors at their end. After 12 months, the credit dropped off and I had to chase them to have it reinstated.

    Bearing in mind how long it has been since the discount applied, I honestly houbt you have any chance of getting a backdated settlement unless it is to their advantage - committing to services at your new address perhaps, but deals are never open-ended.
  • s77007s77007 Forumite
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    Thanks and I think the same but this was always going on and online billing tricked me from disputing charges to ignore these. Agreed I should have checked it but i have requested VM to investigate and come back to me. Will let you know what happens most probably big hole in my pocket is reminding me what might come up....

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