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VOIP questions

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nrishirajnrishiraj Forumite
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Hi everyone

I currently have Sky Broadband (DSL connection) via a phone line, to be honest, we don't hardly make outgoing calls, only receive.

My area does supports VM fibre optic broadband.

I am thinking of cancelling my Sky broadband service including the phone line rental and switching to VM broadband without a phone line.

As we need a land line just to receive incoming calls, can I use a VOIP service instead? What's the best service and price?

I want to maximum my savings to suit our needs.



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    Inner_ZoneInner_Zone Forumite
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    Been using Sipgate for over ten years now on a PAYG basis. Highly recommend them.

    Don't forget you will need to get a VoIP phone and / or and ordinary phone wired or wireless and an ATA and / or a smart phone app and / or a computer VoIP program, can recommend PhonerLite
  • A.Penny.SavedA.Penny.Saved Forumite
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    You can pay for an incoming number to go with your VOIP account so that you can receive calls. Be aware that emergency calls are not usually possible using most VOIP providers!

    Also be aware that most VOIP providers services are not encrypted so there is a risk if you read out credit card numbers.
  • Dave_FowlerDave_Fowler Forumite
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    Remember also that a voip service will not operate if there's a power cut, whereas a landline system will continue to work via a standard phone.

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  • Graham1Graham1 Forumite
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    Be aware that emergency calls are not usually possible using most VOIP providers

    Most U.K. VOIP provides can do 999 calls although you frequently need to acknowledge the restrictions on it (not working without power, need to tell operator your location, not testing it just to see if it works etc.)

    Regarding original post, what is best depends on your call patterns. Sipgate is unbeatable for incoming geographic number. For low outgoing call costs and good call quality DID logic are good, but there are also many other companies to choose from.
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