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BT Landline Fault

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Phones & TV
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Annie.RAnnie.R Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Phones & TV
Two days ago an Openreach engineer called to install Fibre Broadband. He altered the faceplate, connected a modem and our landline, checked they were functional and left.

Earlier today, we discovered that our phone line was faulty. We cannot dial out, there is a very loud metalic hum/buzz instead of the usual purr dialing tone. (Sorry, not easy to describe.) Anyway, I had to report the fault to BT using Skype. When prompted to leave a contact number, I was a bit stuck - no mobile, no Skype number.

The automated message confirmed there is a fault, and said that it might take 3 days to put right. The voice also said that if an engineer needed to visit, he would telephone... (but how? No working phone.)

I then looked around the BT website and found that I could leave an e-mail address to receive updates. The problem had been logged, and has a number, which, when clicked, advises me that the problem would not be likely to be fixed until 30th September! That is 5 days not 3!

This is awkward, to say the least. The phone is obviously a lifeline when one is older, which leaves my husband and I at a considerable disadvantage, particularly during the night, if help should be required.

Meanwhile, there are no e-mailed updates.

BT has become such a thoroughly impersonal organisation. No human interaction - they just abandon us when anything goes wrong.


  • littleboolittleboo Forumite
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    Its 3 working days for residential services, not 3 elapsed days. If you are vulnerable and rely on the phone, you can register with BT for a priority service but you need to have done that before there is a fault.
  • UxbUxb
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    Business lines/tarrifs get a better/faster response rate.....and guess what you pay a lot more for them.
    Retail/domestic lines repairs tend to be a long the lines of yes we will repair them as fast as we can given the level of other work we have on at the short we will do our best.
    If BT get swapped with faults though adverse weather/storms etc they can declare a matters beyond our reasonable control and then all repair time frames go out the window.

    Look on the bright side some thieves might have stolen the copper cable in the ducts and put half the neighbourhood out. That is usually good for between 1 week and 10 days without any phone/internet service at all: you can guess how I know......
  • A quick update:

    The landline "fault" was eventually fixed on 30th. The nature of the fault (as explained to me by the Openreach Engineer) was "The wires in the street cabinet had been accidentally jammed in the door."

    Hmm, and only 5 days to un-jam them. Excellent.
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