Op on old dog?

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Hi need some opinions please though I know it's my decision lol
Collie is 11 yrs fit and well walking miles a day on 2 tablets a month for slight arthritis in front shoulder
He has a lump in back end which over the last few months has grown
Dosnt effect him apart from he takes longer to "go" as I think it feels like he's not finished!
Vet now feels we need to try to take it out. Cost is around £1000 but he's insured so that's not the issue.
I know nothing is guarenteed, but he will end up with drains etc, bad place for infection, lampshade on, restricted walks. So a miserable time
We might find he can't remove it, or it will turn out to be bad and he's gone through it for nothing, it could leave him incontinent which we could not deal with and dog would be mortified
He could of course have it removed and be fine ! But I don't want his last time on earth to be being messed about with and in pain!!
What would please ??


  • casey
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    I have a 12 year old collie and I think if this was happening to him we would have to try the opand give him every chance of continuing .
  • hmc
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    Thanks Casey, I just want what's best for him. The only time I've had this sort of decision before was for a cat and we did the op and after care etc, cat was miserable not being alloud out and basically gave up and I just wished I'd let him go
  • dandelionclock30
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    Yeah but the wound should heal, I'd let him have the operation as opposed to continuing with a growing lump on his back.Its difficult and I understand your concerns but he could have a few years left yet and that lump could get bigger and bigger.I think a few weeks discomfort is worth it if it helps him, everything is a gamble really but I would want to give him the best possible chance.
  • krlyr
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    What's the prognosis if it isn't removed? If it's likely to grow and prevent dog from being able to toilet, I think I would most likely give the op a chance. The vet needs to let you know of the risks, but presumably feels they're not too likely or wouldn't be recommending the op. If the dog did seem to be suffering with recovery/complications, you could make the choice to euthanise if you feel it's the best option, and at least you'd know for sure you'd tried everything you could.

    As a fit 11 year old, he could have 4+ years left in him, IMO worth a month or two of recovery.
  • hmc
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    Thanks everyone, he is booked in for wed but I'm just having wobbles lol, he's my best friend and I'm gutted! He's running round the living room now playing with the spaniel, how can he be ill!
  • dandelionclock30
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    All the best, I hope it goes well for him.
  • meritaten
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    I know this may not happen - but my 9 yr old staffie Anni had an operation to remove a 'benign' lump. If we had been warned it may cause her to have Grand Mal Epileptic seizures for the rest of her life (and that killed her at age 12) I definitely wouldn't have gone ahead.
    all operations carry risks and the vet did say (under pressure from us) that it was probably from the anaesthetic. she was having 3 or 4 bad seizures a day even though on medication. fortunately she seemed to 'forget' afterwards and was still our lovely kind gentle funny dog.
    I would be asking the vet exactly what risks are involved and weighing up the pros and cons.

    and whatever you decide WILL be the right decision. I hope your dog gets better, and has a long and happy 'old age'.
  • as meritaten said, I was young when annie passed, I remember snippets of fun with the beloved pet but the most part I remember is the seizures and the noise she made.

    As said, talk it over with your vet, there are other option than putting pet under, such as mild sedation with pills with local injections and removing it that way.

    either case there is always risks and I would also speak with the insurer if they cover conditions that arise from having general anaesthetic. hope all goes well in what ever your decision.
  • hmc
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    Thankyou, I don't think I asked enough questions as was a bit in shock!
    I presume as it's changed in size and texture in 2 months it would continue to grow and make his life painful in someway.
    Would X-ray's be any use? I know it wouldn't tell us if it was cancer but would it show up any more lumps or if it was removable?
  • mum2one
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    x-rays may be inconclsive, it sounds like the vet has identified the area of the lump hense the choice of the operation.

    Your soon work through the lampshade and other issues that may arise, there resiliant creatures, although they do know how to get the sympathy vote.....

    We've got a Spaniel, hes 5, bless his heart, last year it looked like he had picked up a bug, wasn't himself, really worried so I said he could sleep upstairs for 1 ngt, with the thought if he is ill I can ring the vets there and then, not coming down in the morning and worse case....

    he now sleeps upstairs, - the best is on holiday, he goes to bed for an afternoon nap!! xx
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
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