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Help!!! Phone contract is rubbish

My phone contract with orange is up on the 17th January 2015. Not only am I paying an absolute fortune (average of £60 a month) but the service I'm getting is way below average! Signal is so poor I can barely use my phone anywhere, even less in my own home. Because my signal is so bad I can't get any use out of 3G and my phone will only connect to wi-fi if I'm right next to the box (other devises work perfectly). I contacted orange a couple of months back and they said that the power station close to me is down so they will cut my bill by half for that month for the inconvenience, however they did not follow through with this and the service is still poor.

Is there anyway I could cancel my contract early because of this problem? I don't find it very fair to pay extaustionate prices for a service I'm not even benefiting from. Thank you :)


  • grumbler
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    If it's true that the mast (not the power station) is down and that they failed to repair it for two months, then follow their formal complaints procedure and demand cancellation without charges. Complain to the ombudsman if they refuse.

    That's said, I don't understand how you manage to rack up £60 bills if you "can barely use your phone anywhere".
  • kazwookie
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    Have you told orange of the problems you are still having?
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  • J_B
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    What I did ... (I had a business contract, so, it *may* be different)

    Phoned up and said the signal had deteriorated recently.
    After the usual 'there isn't a problem' and 'it's not our fault' I was escalated to a higher person, or maybe just a different department who said
    "oh yes, we see that one of the masts in your area is being 'upgraded'" - yea, right, decommissioned more like!!
    "we can offer you three options"
    1. a signal boost box for the house, but there's a six week wait!
    2. Half price line rental for the remainder of your contract, but I was already 'out of contract'
    3. a PAC code

    I of course, took option 3 and am now a happy customer of Three
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