camera said i was "parked" but i was in traffic jam! help!

Hello everyone once again on this fantastic forum,
I wonder if anyone can help me with this one?

It is not from a private company, but I was hoping someone might have some advice anyway.
I have received a £130.00 PCN from Haringey Council in London. It was served based on a "record from an approved device". They say I was "PARKED in a special enforcement area more than 50cm from the edge of the carriageway and not within a designated parking space".
Well, this would be well and good, except I wasn't parked at all! There is a nightclub on the road in question, and on this night I drove up the road and ended up stuck there with many other cars as someone had their car blocking the entrance to the nearby car park, and another 4-6 cars were blocking the exit up ahead. The street is a ONE-WAY street. All cars had their lights on, so i can only assume the drivers were potential visitors to the nightclub and had selfishly blocked the street whilst they arranged themselves.
The photo on my PCN shows my car surrounded by 4 other cars, all with their lights on, aswell as a parked car on my cars left hand side. I WAS NOT PARKED, I WAS STUCK IN A JAM! I had no way of driving out except for if I perhaps managed to reverse out onto Tottenham High Road, which I was not willing to do as I won't reverse onto main roads, and the street i was on was one-way.
My cars lights are on in the photo they provided on the letter so how they can say I was parked I do not know. I didn't even leave the car once! This photo also had a man stood at my passenger window. The man had left his car in front of me and come down to explain what he thought was happening up ahead and we discussed whether we should wait it out or find another way to leave the street. He was standing at my car for a minute and a half tops, yet this was the picture they chose. Note: you cannot see me or my passenger in the photo. Conveniently.
I reviewed another 2 photos they had as "evidence" online, and in these other two my car appears to be alone, however the jam of cars at the exit of the street is only JUST out of this camera shot. If they had another camera pointing the opposite direction it would 100% sure enough show that I had no point of exit.

Can I appeal this? If so, what would be my grounds of appeal and do you think it is likely I will win?
You can't even get stuck in a jam now or make a mistake without these cameras snapping you. I was so angry when I received it.
Please help!


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    Definitely go to for this, this forum tends to concentrate on privaate parking and less on council ones.
    I'd rather be an Optimist and be proved wrong than a Pessimist and be proved right.
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    Just goes to prove the near-criminal behaviour of these councils, and their desperation to get people's cash. It should be perfectly clear to the CCTV operator what was going on, and that the cars were not parked. But no, the operator will continue in his/her cushy job with no reprimand for idiotic behaviour whatsoever.

    Once cleared up, I think a formal complaint to the council should be made.
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