Scot Rail ticket question - price increase

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Good Morning Moneysavers,

wondering if someone could let me know, what the best way forward would be, since I need to buy a new train ticket. I have started a new job end of April and take the train into Glasgow since then, while I have not used it before.

I know I can get discounts the longer I buy the ticket in advance, however with the price increase next year, I am not entirely sure whether to but a ticket up to the end of December and the buy a full years ticket, or will every ticket which goes into the time of the new prices will be adjusted already accordingly? That way it wouldnt really matter when to buy a season ticket.

Thanks for your help.



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    Not quite sure what you are asking

    Scotrail don't offer discounted advance tickets on shorter routes

    If you buy an annual season ticket now it will be valid for a full year at today's prices - you won't be asked to pay extra for using it next year

    There will be a period at the end of December - maybe even early January - when you can renew at this year's prices - depending on when the new fares come in
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    Well, they actually do.

    I would pay £6.40 during peak from Hamiltom Central to Glasgow Central.
    A weekly ticket would cost me £24.20, a monthly ticket £93 and an full year £968.

    But if you think that I can buy a new ticket at the end of December for current prices, thats exactly what I have asked for. I know they would charge me retrospectively, but I wasnt sure if the price increase would be taken into account when booking a ticket into next year.
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    There is a lot of confusion in this thread!

    An annual Season is calculated at current prices. The price will go up in early January (not sure of exact date, around the 3rd), so you need it to commence before then.
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