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Why are the bills so difficult to understand, despite hours on the telephone I am no closer to understanding them and worse neither do the service staff I am speaking to. After fighting for an over paid account I am going to tell Scottish Power to pocket the £112 difference and go off to pastures new. Too much stress


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    In relation to trying to find the best tariff for power can someone please tell me why the standing charge for a particular region should vary within a particular supplier's tariff?
    To my mind the standing charge is to maintain the transformers or pipes which serve a house. That has no relationship to the cost per Kwh of gas or electric supplied. This whole standing charge business is used by the power companies to further obscure their tariffs and make comparison more difficult for the consumer. I can understand that there may be variances between regions but not for one supplier to one house.

    For example for gas on one tariff npower charge 2.962p per Kwh with a standing charge of 49.88 pence /day and for another tariff the charge is 3.465p/Kwh with a standing charge of 25.89p/day

    The regulator should be investigating this as another example of confusing the customer and lack of transparency. The power companies are taking us for a ride. Perhaps MSE could start a campaign?
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    Miniman wrote: »
    The power companies are taking us for a ride. Perhaps MSE could start a campaign?

    MSE were at the forefront of getting companies to change from the Tier system - on the grounds it was too confusing for customers to understand.

    Now we have a system where it is essential to know your kWh consumption for the year ahead, and the effect of the discounts, to calculate which is the best tariff.

    If the daily standing charge(DSC) was standardised, it would benefit those with high consumption at the expense of those with low consumption.

    e.g. Fixed DSC at say £150pa and electricity @ 10pkWh

    Someone using a very low 1,000kWh pa would be paying 25p for every kWh they used.

    A person using 12,000kWh would be paying 13.5p for every kWh used.

    So what should be the aim of the MSE campaign?
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    But Cardew, the argument is that the DSC should be standardised over a particular supplier's tariffs. How can you justify Npower charging different DSC over their 4 separate tariffs? It just means that low users pay more for their gas and low DSC. High users pay more DSC and less for their gas. It's all very confusing and helps to make true comparison even across one supplier more difficult.

    This method also help to confuse the true cost of system maintenance.

    Over the last 4 months my gas useage has been zero ( I have solar panels and a Solar iBoost controller which uses surplus electricity to run my immersion heater ( at powers from 0.5 kw to 2.5kw according circumstances - it's a brillian gizmo). The result was that I paid £15/mnth approx for the standing charge. However if I change my tariff to a lower DSC then I will be paying more for my gas useage in the winter. How confusing!!!
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    Ofgem have said the power companies can set a zero DSC but none of them have.(unles it`s changed,Npower charge something like £195 a year for gas but zero for electric)
    Ofgem should have set the DSC for ALL companies.
    The big 6 are still being fined millions for their mis-selling.(should be billions)
    The power companies are still fiddling and confusing customers and constantly bringing out new tariffs, which in fact is yet another price increase.
    After years of so called investigation,Ofgem suddenly realised it didn`t have the remit to thoroughly investigate all the fiddling that was and still is going on and passed the job to the CMA.
    Rip off Britain at it`s best!
    People should vote with their feet and switch away from the big 6.
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